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As a dedicated contrarian—someone whose few attempts at trend-chasing have culminated in baroque, Wile E. Coyote-esque failure—little makes me feel more alien in my own skin than finding myself accidental avatar of a cultural fad. First prize: Free ride Call me girls the bandwagon, like it or not. What we talk about when we talk about grown-up girl narratives: almost always, the Gone Girl girls, wounded women on the warpath.

There is, it seems, a girl for nearly every kind of woman. InKathleen Hanna was a righteously enraged year-old fronting an all-female punk band.

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She wanted to do something more— something in response to the misogyny in her punk community and beyond. Something radical.

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And so Riot Grrrl was born. Down with Backlash, up yet again with Sex and the Single Girl. A thoroughly unscientific survey of my woman Call me girls friends suggests that they find the term acceptable—if not always accurate—when they apply it to themselves, but intolerable coming from a man.

In her twenties, C. Girl attunes us to what might be gained and lost in the transformation, and raises a possibility of reversion. As Gloria Steinem likes to remind us, women lose power as they age. The persistence of girlhood can be a battle cry. Emphasis on female; we love to love the dysfunctional boys of Girls. In fairness, the girls are dysfunctional narcissists whose efforts to impersonate grown-up women—via romantic commitment, child nurturing, professional advancement—inevitably blow up, occasionally with mass casualties.

Admission of bias: I love them all. I love Hannah the most.

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Shockingly, audiences prefer their charming schlubs to look like Seth Rogen; schlubby women are another story. Especially schlubby women who have lots of sex and show no inclination to take care of anyone but themselves. The girl books crowding the nonfiction shelf are written by and about women who insist on sticking Call me girls that wide path, women who refuse to Jo March themselves into a supporting role in their own life: girlhood as a state of mind.

The word attaches itself with special frequency to women in music and the sciences—not as diminishment of their achievement, but as its trophy. Their stories speak of subverting gender expectations, breaking barriers, and—at least on the —prioritizing work and art over the role of domestic caretaker.

But the band played on. Art, and the practice of making art, was the only space that was mine alone. The girl on the train is a mess. One steadfastly ignoring the loss of her child, destroying her marriage in the process.

And one performing, perfectly and to the Call me girls of personal desire, the duties of wife and mother—doomed to pay a steep price. This is a novel about the corrosive effects of domesticity, but also about the intolerable void left in its wake. Rachel is the flip side of freedom, a wife erased by marriage. Like the girls of Girls, she is unmoored, but Call me girls by choice. Because when girls go wild, they show their tits to people. When women go wild, they kill men, and drown their kids in a tub. Despite being domestic thrillers about marriage and motherhood, the girl books tend not to actually depict domestic life—instead, they track various escapes from it.

These are women in flight or exile from the trappings of womanhood. The Luckiest Girl Alive is desperate to mold herself into a perfect wife, but victory requires a flight from conjugal expectations. All of the girls on the train are imagining themselves into marriage or out of it; for them, girlhood functions as hell and salvation, pathology and refuge, wound and weapon, all at once.

Gone Girl encompasses a multitude of gone girls, its protagonist a palimpsest of personas, each doing her best to erase the ones that came before.

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None of them interested in being erased by a man, much less his spawn. The pregnancy at the end functions as a prison to trap both Amy and the man she fled—the final surrender of inner boy and inner girl to a life sentence of husband and wife. I am, on the one hand, a woman in my thirties, financially independent, with health insurance, annual IRA contributions, and, presumably, the occasional wrinkle that I decline to notice. I am, on the other hand, a woman with no husband, no children, and—because I foolishly live in New York City—no property. I have no employer, no office, technically, no need to change out of my pajamas.

They know what a backsplash is. I watch Gossip Girl reruns and go out on dates and still list my mother as my emergency contact. So you can understand my vested interest in the question of what qualifies as female adulthood and what it means to be a female adult who lacks those qualifications. Waited for their children to grow up; waited for their husbands to die. Endured the obligations of womanhood until those obligations were at an end, and their inner girl could return with a vengeance. Imagine what that might look like.

I imagine it might look a lot like a house in Florida with a lanai and an ample supply of cheesecake, home to four women reverted to a time of ascendant female friendships and unbridled sexuality, beholden to no one but themselves, obligated only to the pursuit of their own happiness. It might look like the Golden Girlsdomestic nightmare Call me girls, by passage of time and lilting theme song, into dream.

But that only reinforced the miracle of the Golden Girls —what a triumph of aging female sexuality and power, what a belated but breathtaking reversal of the marriage plot. Over the course of the series, the girls were visited by a steady stream of opinionated ex-husbands and grown children, ghosts of obligations past. One by one, they were sent packing. Always gently, with love; always firmly, with a reminder that the demands of wife and mother no longer determined the order of things.

That we should reclaim womanacknowledge with language what we argue with manifestos: that womanhood can be its own liberated, self-interested state of mind. But the pragmatist in me is glad that, in the meantime, we have the Call me girls girl to remind us.

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