Dating in the dark australia couples update

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The Modern Family alum, 22, had his pick of three eligible bachelorettes during Monday's episode of the new ABC series. Bachelorette No. Before getting to know the three ladies, co-host Zooey Deschanel asked Nolan what he looks for in a ificant other.

When the contenders were asked how their friends would describe them using five adjectives, Rose said she wanted to "change" Nolan's past dating experience with "crazy" girls. Nolan was interested in Medina's idea of an adventurous first date — which would involve either hiking, surfing or going to an MMA gym — but he was further intrigued by Rose's answer regarding "the most spontaneous thing" she's ever done.

I felt like it was time to just bite the bullet and go.

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Nolan then asked Rose what her "warning label" would be, leading her to respond: "Watch out! Your eyes may burn, because she's hotter than you can even imagine.

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After noting how he "loves" confidence in a woman, Nolan joked: "Are you sure the warning label wouldn't be, 'Might leave on a day's notice for all the way across the world'? Agreeing to his terms, Rose suggested that they "could go together" on a last-minute trip. Though Nolan was "speechless" by Amber describing her trademark kissing technique as "The Knockout," he liked Rose's answer regarding who is in the right during a "petty argument" over where to dine. I hate arguing.

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It's dinner, so it's not the end of the world. Like you said, it's something petty, so let's just agree to disagree and we'll go. Nolan chimed in, "I would actually think we're on the same there. We don't need to have a fight about dinner. Asking the ladies about who they thought he was, Rose said that she didn't "really care" who he was as a celebrity.

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Nolan, in the end, selected Rose as the game's winner. FB Tweet More.

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Dating in the dark australia couples update

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