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Im buying a something Remingtoncool old pump gun, I see a fair amount with these 2. The look fits the gun and I want to keep with the period of the gun, so Weaver is about the only game in town, if Im wrong on that please correct me. Is there such a place where a guy can send them in and have the crosshair changed to what I want? Seems like I heard of a place and cant seem to find it now, will they recondition the scope too? Also what do you guys think about really using this scope on a short range but hard hunting rig? Will it fail after seeing some hard use? I Dating weaver scopes great care of my equipment but use it hard.

My concern is will it fog in the cold or rain? Do they hold a zero? If there are other scopes around that the guns in the 30's and 40's were wearing that were worth a dam please let me know, and if any of you are in the know on mounts for that gun please let me know. Thanks in advance. Passport, I have and use several old 40's's ElPaso 4X fixed scopes on my older centrfire rifles.

I also have several same vintage Lyman scopes. All Americans, Permacenter, Alaskans. All work just fine and were as good as optics got in those days aside from some of the best German glass. There is an outfit in Texas who will refurbish older Weavers and possibly put a post reticle in but I can't recall who they are. Look for the Weaver scopes which have MOA click adjustments with brass rather than the later ones with aluminum when you remove the covers as I think these were better vintage scopes with single piece tubes.

Others know alot more than that about old glass, but my experiences with the ones I have is good. They hold zero well. I am in the habit of tapping the tube lightly after making and adjustment to insure the old scope does adjust. This guy was their customer service manager. They were good scopes then and now. The first scope I had was a K-4 with a fine crosshair. A lot of Dating weaver scopes Waever original scopes were made before the duplex reticle came along. These are reasonable tough scopes, to my knowledge,but don't expect to compare to the best optics of Dating weaver scopes.

Thanks tbear, who did the reticle work? Can I ask how much it cost to have them do that work?

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Hey Dating weaver scopes, I use the weaver k3,k2. They are great scopes, nearly bullet proof. I think every "el paso" weaver I have ever seen either had the fine cross hair, post and Dating weaver scopes, or occasionally simply a post.

I dont recall ever seeing a duplex in an "el paso" model, I wouldn't doubt they made them but maybe just less common. In my experience the models that have a post and crosshair, or just the post seem to sell from a good bit more than the fine crosshairs. The hardest used scope I have is a k2. I shoot this rifle alot, I really enjoy the gun so it sees alot of range use. In the past year it probably has just under rounds through it easily, the zero has never wandered at all. Its has been up in the north of arizona in the humidity and never had a problem with fogging either.

That being said Az is alot less humid that MI at our worst, so it may not be the same there for you. I wouldn't hessitate to recommend a weaver k to anyone looking for good scope. Thanks Thomas, thats what I wanted to hear!! Now I need to bring my self to drill and tap a near mint Remingto Do you guys think Im nuts to do that?

Ya'll forgot the 6 minute stadia hair in the K-6 c6 that was an early range finder. An 18 inch circle just fits between the hairs at yards.

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I wouldn't trade the only one I have for any scope. Also, when a flat shooting rifle is sighted in at yards, the impact is about 24 inches low atso holding dead on with the stadia hair is dead on. Originally Posted by passport. I think, hope, I will own one Monday I found one in my back yard on gunbroker.

I would trust a camp fire member though!

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IIRC, the configuration for the Weaver bases puts the front base on the barrel, just ahead of the receiver. It was a good deer hunting combination, but heavier than the Ruger 44 International that I favored for still hunting at that time. Passport, you might also consider the following. The rare Dating weaver scopes 2. I have 3 K-3's and 2 K Also have a few K-3's with Dot's and CH's. They are tough old scopes, you don't hear of them getting shot apart most are broken in falls or just need serious cleaning or repairs from neglect.

Originally Posted by SteveC Superb in it's day, and still good to very good today. Tough as nails, too. I'm a big fan of the glass from that era, esp. However, be Dating weaver scopes that you get what you want. Some, esp. Later versions did not have this set-up and were permacentered. Keep this in mind, as it might make a difference to you. The Weaver scopes of that era were the cheapest thing you could buy.

They don't compare optics wise to the Lymans, Leupolds or Euro scopes. I would not trust any scope that old in the rain unless it were rebuilt. Even then. I can see leaving a period scope on a safe queen or curio but on a real field ready gun put the best scope that you can afford on it.

Back then we called the Weaver scopes "no see em through scopes". That was correct then and still is today. ElPasso did the reticle conversion when they Dating weaver scopes the refur. Well worth the money. I purchased a scope that appeared to have not been mounted but with any scope this old it was worth the refur. I had a couple of old Lyman All Americans fog up when they were left out in the car overnight in cold wet weather. They were not put up wet but had been out all the day before in wet weather.

My guess is that the seals had dried out. Lyman fixed them at the time. The Weavers that I have here don't have the resolving ability of the Lyman scopes. Its a fact. In particular the Weavers seem to suffer from glare. Perhaps its the coatings but in any case the old Weaver scopes were never very good. Never had an El Paso Weaver fog up on me It will happen, I am sure.

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Can't say, as before, re: the old Lymans. Can say that the resolving ability of the Weavers Dating weaver scopes have and have hunted has been good. Not great, but plenty good. As before, YMMV So when you used the old Weavers and aimed at a game animal, you were never able to take a shot because all you saw was an indistinct blob through the scope which made the animal indistinguishable from the background, or if the scope was within a degree arc of the sun you were blinded by the glare? My father used to have a Buick Roadmaster, even as a small child I recall that he was constantly driving off the road because of the opaque windshield.

Worse yet, my 12 brothers and sisters would all be alive today if it only had airbags when that other car Dating weaver scopes backed into us at 5mph in the parking lot. It is clear as a bell, faster than any peep sight I've ever used, and allows me to shoot with both eyes open at moving deer inside 75 yds or so I wouldn't shoot at moving game farther away with it. This little rifle is really a great set up for a close range brush stalking rig. The Weaver scopes were an outstanding quality deal in thier day, and where a vintage rifle demands, they make a wonderful period choice I've got Lyman all American permacenter scopes too, but I personally don't see them as the equal of the Weavers overall I've got a hunting buddy who has a Weaver K3 with the post cross hair reticle on a Savage model 99 in Savage.

He still, after forty years of use, depends on that rifle, on the rare occasion he risks scarring it up. He's taken a 'ton' of whitetails with that rifle,and I reckon he'll pass it down knowing it is still a great deer rifle even in this 21st. Im all in on the weaver! Thanks a ton for all the input, hell all you guys cant be wrong Next question, mount and rings. What is correct and perfered for the Remington ? Will this be a hard to find item? I assume the Weavers are a 1 inch tube, right?

Again, want it to be as period correct as possiable. The 1" tube Weavers started in the late 's with the early K2. Period mounts from Weaver, Redfield or Buehler would be a good start. Also listed is a type N mount in low profile as N5. Hope this helps. I agree with a Weaver scope and have a couple. I would try to find the Redfield mount though because Dating weaver scopes need to drill the barrel and receiver for the Weavers.

Probably really not a problem but I'd rather keep the holes just in the receiver. The Williams mount also just needs holes drilled into the receiver. I think you hit the nail on the head Wiktor, the 1st I saw, the gun that got me going on all this, had a 4x Weaver on a 1 piece Redfield base with what looked like dual dovetail Tally style rings.

It was awesome!! Any idea what kind of rings thoes were? They were a tally style, meaning the screws were on the top and bottom not the sides like Leupold. What do you think the 4x Weaver ElPasso the mount and rings are worth? Im half thinking about buying the whole gun just to get the scope and stuff then sell the gun.

The scope did not have a bell, Dating weaver scopes was a straight tube, 20 mm I guess with fine cross hairs. If the rings and mount are going to cost me an arm and a leg this may be the way to go, what do you Dating weaver scopes think? Hi Passport,I really don't know enough about the old scopes and mounts to be a big help.

I've just seen the three different mount setups on 14's and 's which were, Weaver, Redfield, and Williams. The Redfields look the best to me and I've been trying to find a base in good shape myself for a while without success.

Dating weaver scopes

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