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The video diaries are made to help Charlie when she grows up. Teddy Duncan records her family's daily life to help her younger sister, Charlie Duncan, in any possible scenario in life. Nurse Amy Duncan announces she is going back to work again and has her exterminator husband, Bob Duncan, take care of Charlie, as she doesn't count on any of the other children to be responsible, except Teddy, who asks her if she can go to the library to meet up with Spencer Walsh to study.

Amy forbids, as she needs all hands on Divorced couples searching flirt biker dating sites, not even counting on Bob himself. Even though Teddy is forbid from going to the library, she invites spencer over to study but soon start to flirt, but she keeps getting interrupted by her brother, musician P. J Duncan and his best friend, Emmett Heglin, while they rehearse for their band, P. J And The Vibe. On the other hand, Teddy's younger brother, Gabe Duncan, seems to be forgotten in the family, as he wasn't fed for breakfast, so he goes to his neighbor, Mrs.

Dabney's house to look for food. Teddy is forced to go get him, and Bob accidentally slips on a rubber duck while carrying charlie down the stairs. J takes him to the hospital, but Bob asks him to make sure Amy doesn't see him, as she doesn't want him to think Bob is irrresponsible. When he reveals he dropped her, Amy is shocked. Guest stars : Patricia Belcher as Mrs. Teddy finds Amy and Bob speaking babyish towards Charlie, so she tells them to have a night alone. They take Teddy's words into consideration, and that day they leave to go to dinner, leaving P. J in charge of Charlie.

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He takes her to the park, where he meets Captain Stretchy, an entertainer, and a girl named Emma, who has also brought her baby brother. J takes Charlie home. Teddy then tells P. J that he brought the wrong baby home, having switched babies with Emma. Teddy and P. J bring along Gabe. They go around town and spend the whole day searching for Charlie and Emma. They decide to tell Amy and Bob about Charlie.

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They find Amy and Bob at a Mexican restaurant. Gabe distracts them with a magic trick, while Teddy swaps babies with Emma. At home, Amy finds out about Charlie. PJ and Gabe suspect that their neighbor Mrs. Dabney has killed her husband, Mr. Dabney, and they try to find evidence to prove it, while babysitting Charlie. Meanwhile, Teddy becomes jealous that her best friend Ivy has become texting buddies with Amy, which Teddy thinks is lame, so she decides to spend time with Ivy's mother, Mary Lou Wentz, who is unexciting and is very boring, so Teddy learns that Amy is not as lame as she originally thought.

Amy convinces Teddy to audition to be the school's unlucky ram mascot Whammy, due to Amy being Whammy when she was Teddy's age. Teddy does not Divorced couples searching flirt biker dating sites to be Whammy, so she tries to throw the tryout; coincidentally it turns out she was the only one who tried out, so Teddy becomes the Whammy.

Her mother is excited, but when Teddy reveals she never wanted to be Whammy in a huge outburst, Amy is dismayed and decides to fill in for Teddy at the game, but the rival school North High kidnaps Amy, thinking she was Teddy, so she attacks them and goes back to the game, where Teddy is being attacked by North High's Viking mascot. Amy attacks the Viking and she and Teddy take down the Viking. Meanwhile, PJ worries that he is going bald like Bob; later, he challenges Emmett to a baby race with his nephew Mason against Charlie.

Mason was ahead, but Charlie wins the race and takes her first steps while doing so. A moonlight dance is approaching at Teddy's school. Teddy asks Spencer out for the big night and Divorced couples searching flirt biker dating sites asks out Emmett, so she and Teddy can get rides to the dance. Teddy tries to get her first kiss from Spencer, but Emmett, who also likes Teddy, tries to distract Spencer, which le to a dance-off between the two.

However, Teddy gets her first kiss with Spencer anyway. Meanwhile, Gabe tries to get his parents to argue at a parent-teacher meeting because he has been lying to his teacher and saying that he could not complete his asments because of his parents arguing, so he releases the class' pet rat, which runs around the room scaring everyone.

When Teddy is supposed to be watching Gabe and Charlie, they make a huge mess in the kitchen. Amy makes Teddy watch Charlie and Gabe is not allowed to use any kind of electronics for the rest of the day.

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Meanwhile, Teddy goes to the store and Gabe tags along. At the store, Charlie steals a pair of sunglasses at a grocery store. The rude owner Hugo "arrests" her. Teddy and Gabe are in desperate need to leave. Teddy befriends Alice, Hayley Holmesa grocery store employee who gets fired after helping them escape.

Bob gives Teddy and PJ new cell phones. Teddy tries to fool Amy into thinking that she is a "cool mom" by hanging with her to attend a midnight screening of Dusk a parody of Twilight. But when she accidentally butt-dials her mother and says the whole thing, Amy and Ivy's mother get revenge by embarrassing Teddy and Ivy at the premiere.

Later, the girls apologize. Meanwhile, PJ is stuck doing a science project with Van Brunt, the school bully, but PJ accidentally butt-dials him a voic scorning him. Gabe gets a new remote control helicopter, and tries to get rid of Charlie's new singing stuffed horse, although fails to do so. It's Charlie's first birthday and the special day brings back crazy memories on the day she was born, including Bob and PJ's fishing trip which le to a bear sleeping in their van Divorced couples searching flirt biker dating sites they are forced to steal a couple's motorcycles.

Teddy and Ivy's play about people overcoming differences and coming together and Amy in labor going to the hospital to deliver the baby. Gabe is home alone due to his family forgetting about him, but Mrs. Dabney catches him and takes him to the hospital anyway.

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Towards the end of the crazy day of Charlie's birth, the Divorced couples searching flirt biker dating sites have a new sister and take a family picture. After the big story of the day Charlie was born, Mad Dog and Francis make a surprise visit to the Duncans with a motorcycle jacket for Charlie and Amy accepts them and they are now Charlie's godparents. Bob makes a deal with Mrs. Dabney that if he chops down their tree that blocks her sunlight, she will keep her barking dog in her house. The tree, which houses PJ and Teddy's childhood tree house, has sentimental value, so they stage a sit-in protest to prevent it from getting chopped down, because they want Charlie to experience it.

Gabe and Amy the strike, but Bob wants Mrs. Dabney's yapping dog to shut up. They all wind up in the tree house and it fell to the ground. However, when Mrs. Dabney reveals the dog is not hers and she's just watching it for a neighbor, the Duncans launch a water balloon at her.

In the end, Bob, PJ, Divorced couples searching flirt biker dating sites Gabe build a new tree house. Teddy realizes that she has a great-uncle named Mel through her father but also learns that they do not speak to each other any more.

So she and Ivy go to meet Uncle Mel to find out what happened. After they meet, she learns that he loves baseball. He convinces Teddy to sneak him out of the nursing home. When they go to a baseball game, Teddy learns that Uncle Mel loves baseball a little too much when he causes quite a ruckus, including after he moons the team on the Jumbotron and the police get involved.

Afterwards, Teddy invites Mel over to end their argument and discovers the reason they hated each other was because when Bob was ten, Mel was his baseball coach and, while attempting to make Bob a better player, ended up humiliating him in front of the team. When PJ meets a cute girl, Madison, at his new job at Kwikki Chikki, Emmett becomes upset that PJ is always putting his girlfriend before their activities. Meanwhile, Teddy spots that Gabe is getting picked on at school Divorced couples searching flirt biker dating sites a girl named Jo, but finds out she really has a crush on him and that she beats him up because Gabe's a hunk.

Gabe gets his first crush, on a girl named Kit; he then lies to her by saying he is an only child so they can have something in common after advice by Amy. Meanwhile, Mrs. Dabney asks Teddy to cat-sit her cat Kaboodle and Teddy thinks the cat is sick because he is just lying around.

PJ uses Charlie to make more money on deliveries by saying he is watching her while his mother is in the hospital, not mentioning she actually works there. Teddy tries warming up to her English teacher Mr. Dingwall by having Charlie participate in her oral presentation on the book Animal Farm after seeing him take a liking to her, but when Charlie accidentally vomits on him, the plan goes downhill. Meanwhile, Gabe and his basketball team fire Bob as their coach and hire Amy instead, after winning their first game under her guidance, but soon realize their mistake. Also, PJ begins to spend way too much time with Amy's friends.

Teddy accidentally puts Charlie's blanket in the donation pile instead of in the laundry pile. She goes to look for it at the thrift shop but gets locked in the back of the donation truck. Meanwhile, PJ take Teddy's advice and plans a Moroccan feast for their parents' wedding anniversary. To celebrate their anniversary, Gabe, Amy and Bob go to the movie, but Charlie wrecks the feast by starting a one-baby food fight. After PJ creates a funny video of Charlie, he posts it on the Internet; the video becomes an instant worldwide sensation.

Meanwhile, Teddy meets Spencer's parents, Paul and Linda. Teddy is impressed by their sophistication and peaceful lifestyle in comparison to the Duncans' loud and messy home. Paul and Linda watch the Duncan interview on TV, not knowing that they are Teddy's family, and insult them. Teddy reveals to them that that is her family and she has been hanging out at their house pretending to be a part of the Walsh family, but Teddy finally accepts that she is Duncan, and for that, she is proud of.

Spencer decides to help Teddy with her dance routine for the school talent show, but when he realizes she is terrible he fakes an injury to get out of it. When she finds out, she is upset, and dances with Emmett for the show instead. Still, Teddy is humiliated at the talent show. The next day, Teddy and Spencer make up. Meanwhile, Jo convinces Gabe that she will help him win the class president election but instead she purposely sabotages him and runs for election herself. Teddy needs money for a new cell phone and gets a job as the neighborhood dog walker, but it's disgusting.

PJ gives Mitch, his boss at Kwikki Chikki, an idea for a new spokesmodel to bring in more customers, but when he expects Mitch to give the job to him, he makes Teddy the new spokesmodel after she walks into the restaurant.

Divorced couples searching flirt biker dating sites

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