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He stole my voice. He made me a monster. She has 13 Moons to accept her life as a werewolf or get put down permanently. Start here: Wolf Moon chapters :. Oco Roco was the hottest new nightclub in Duluth, Minnesota and I was here under extreme duress. That duress being my best friend and roommate, Mikayla, had been dumped the week before and needed assurance of her hotness that only high priced drinks, and loud music could provide. This was not my scene. It was the only precious free Saturday I had between shows.

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It was my fourth show in a row as a named character, though still a supporting role, but it meant I was officially a professional actress. My breath reflected the street light and the light of the full moon. I never liked being outside when the full moon was out.

I shivered in the freezing air. The bouncer looked us over and nodded us inside without even checking our IDs. The people in line grumbled as we walked past the velvet ropes toward the doors. I took one final look at the bright yellow full moon, hanging ominously in the late January sky.

Wolf moon. How apt to spend the wolf moon in the Oco Roco, the rumored werewolf hang out, if you believed in that kind of thing. My friend started dancing her way across the red carpeted lobby where the coat check sat taunting me that I could have been warm on my five minute walk from the car to the club.

Suck it up Charlotte I told myself. By the time I made it to the dancefloor Mikayla was smiling and surrounded by men. She was the life of any party. I wandered Duluth Minnesota fuck in my car right now perimeter of the club until I found the bar.

I was pleasantly surprised that despite the throng of people on the dance floor, the bar was nearly empty. Better yet, it was ificantly quieter.

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Another massive man stood behind the bar. His black t-shirt looked to have been painted on him. I spared a glance back at Mikayla, her head was thrown back over the shoulder of one man as another danced around her front. You should go home before it becomes a real party. I accepted my drink and wandered down to the far end of the bar where the music was quietest. I kept my eyes on Mikayla. I scanned the crowd. For every one woman, like Mikayla, there were at least three men. Maybe the reason the bouncer was so willing to let us in was because the ratio was so messed up.

They seemed to be jockeying against each other, competing for what women were there, well except me. I chose to chalk that up to my hiding in the far corner of the bar as opposed to my unattractiveness. The music stopped and all eyes on the dance floor turned to the DJ. Mikayla turned to look around, she was looking for me.

A trio walked onto the dance floor.

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Two tall and imposing figures flanked a small man. I remained still watching them cross the floor with grace. They stepped out into better light and I was surprised one of the figures was a woman. Her hair was cropped short and she was a giant but her body and face still held the tell tale traits of femininity.

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The larger man was terrifying. He was broad, tall, and a face full of scars. His hair was cropped close to his head. His head slowly watched the crowd, rotating to catch all corners, then back. When his eyes met mine I gasped.

One was brown, the other was glassy white. As the trio passed through the crowd all he turned to look at them and bowed respectfully, except Mikayla who was still searching the crowd for me. The woman reached out and pulled Mikayla by her hair to stand before the small man, who was not actually small compared to Mikayla. He was probably average height for a man. That just meant the giants were even bigger than I thought. Words were exchanged but I was too far away to hear them. I wanted to run to Mikayla but the firm hands of the bartender kept me in place.

The smaller man nodded to the large woman who grabbed Mikayla by the hair and dragged her out of the club, screaming. I willed myself to stay still and quiet. She was being dragged out toward the front door. The screaming stopped and the woman returned.

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She gave one curt nod to the smaller man and made her way back across the club to her spot just behind him to her left. The men and women in the club were a flurry of activity and conversation as they pushed the tables from the outskirts of the dance floor into the center. I sat as still as I could. His warm body was pressed to my back.

No one at our table seemed to find it strange that I was sitting on his lap. No one paid us any mind. The large man and woman took up residence at a table across the dancefloor from us but the smaller man remained at the center. I know many of you are anxious to get out of your skins. But I must have. He was a professor of folklore at the university with a particular bent on the science of mythological creatures.

He even taught a class on it. Oco Roco is seeing surprising profits on the weekdays.

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Another excellent suggestion, Rafe. His grip on my wrist tightened more. It started to hurt. I winced. All eyes were on the bartender and me. I felt dozens of appraising eyes watching me. Waiting for my response. I nodded. I could feel my heart racing. He held up his hand and his bodyguards were out of their seats and flanking Rafe and I.

I started to answer but the look of the man cut off my voice. He was even bigger up close. I was trembling. The hands holding me changed. I watched the fingernails grow to long black claws and the skin sprout fur. Lycanthropy virus the rumors were true. I was in the den of werewolves. I tried to escape the grasp but he held firm. The claws dug into the skin on my arms and fire bloomed at each puncture.

I was burning from the inside.

Duluth Minnesota fuck in my car right now

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