Empire lucious and cookie hook up

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After a months-long hiatus, Empire came roaring back Wednesday night with an episode that saw the simmering tension between Cookie and Lucious finally detonate. At one point, she even leveled a blow at his head. The brawl culminated, as it often does with the combustible pair, with a heated make-out session that was supposed to spiral into full-blown intercourse until Taraji P.

Henson and Terrence Howard intervened.

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And I really hate that, because actors care. They care about their characters; they live with their characters. And Taraji and Terrence sat down and gave me the most compelling reasons about how this scene should end. Taraji is very protective of her fanbase; she hears from them daily. And you can crank it up to 11 by not going to And I know that sounds a little confusing, but by just going immediately to the most intimate [extreme], you kind of rob yourself of some tension that is almost just as sweet or just as bitter.

So we went up into the set, and what Carlito and I ultimately realized was when you got the kind of caliber actor such as Terrence Howard and Taraji Henson, a lot can be done without saying anything. So, we started cutting out some of the lines right before that kiss, and they tracked it all. TVLINE Hearing you describe the collaboration, it almost sounds like you were shooting an independent movie on that day. It was a major change. And I really have to give credit to [showrunner] Ilene Chaiken and [exec producer] Sanaa Hamri, [both of whom] I have tremendous respect Empire lucious and cookie hook up.

These women are the best in the business. But I really think that once we all saw it, we found that perhaps it transcended a usual plot turn and became something more meaningful. I think, to some degree — and this is just my own humble opinion — that it may have helped where I know that the rest of the season is going. About a day-and-a-half. They were all very gung-ho and Empire lucious and cookie hook up. But sometimes you have to protect actors from their own enthusiasm.

He could probably hurt himself by going full-tilt — and he goes full-tilt [here]. There were moments where he was, like, leaping after Taraji, slamming onto the floor. Well, no. We brought in rubber bats.

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But it still amped things up even more. Like, some picture frames. But I had to sell it to production…. No, it was a real piano. Taraji really took a bat to the keys of that piano… And Taraji was gung-ho [too]. It is. Terrence was heartbroken. Is there a concern about topping a moment like this? I understand why you would think that after watching [this episode], but you have to keep watching. This show does not lose steam. It may just be the emotional crucible that this family goes through.

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Oh, and Anika? That is a fracas.

Empire lucious and cookie hook up

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Lucious & Cookie's Hook Up Complicates Everything