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Men can be fascinated by the little things that women do. While it is believed that they get attracted to clothes and physical features, there is more to it. Some things you do consciously or unconsciously can make him like you more.

It can be the dimple that flashes when you smile or the way you care for him— they notice it all. When you enter into a relationship with a guy, there might be many quirks about you that he finds adorable.

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Keep reading this post as we share a list of 30 things girls do that guys love. You must have noticed your guy staring at you while you tie up your hair in a messy bun or a ponytail. They find the action cute and fascinating. Men love long hair, and when you tie it, their eyes automatically focus on your beautiful tresses. They also like it when you randomly touch your hair, flip it, or tuck it behind your ears. Such gestures make you look adorable. Guys adore girls in their PJs as they look all-natural with their face scrubbed clean of makeup and messy hair.

The look makes you appear comfortable, innocent, and cute, which guys find appealing. They desire to hold you close and protect you from the world. However, if he likes you, he might feel relaxed when you run your fingers through his hair. They feel special and pampered by your touch. You can enhance their experience by lightly massaging their scalp. Wearing high heels makes your legs appear longer and in shape. High heels also transfer your weight to the balls of your feet, causing you to sway your hips and making your walk sensual and inviting.

Do Good looking fun loving girl for a bf enjoy the closeness and warmth of the guy you like? It feels good to rest your head on their chest or shoulder and relax, forgetting all the worries and tiredness of the day. Guys love this feeling too. This small gesture shows you trust him and feel safe with him. Holding you close makes him feel like he is protecting you from the world.

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Everyone loves a relaxing massage after a long and tiring day, especially from the person they love. Massaging also builds intimacy. There are certain erogenous points around the neck of guys, and when you massage those points, it soothes their mind and body. Some girls look down or hide their faces when they blush.

However, guys love it when their girl blushes in response to their flirting or teasing. They find the reaction cute and adorable. Blushing makes girls seem innocent and sensitive, which makes men fall harder for them. If you want to know how this action affects your guy, look at him while you blush, and the emotion in his eyes will reveal the depth of his feelings. If you are passionate about something, it shows in your body language.

There is an excitement on your face and energy in your body when you talk about the thing Good looking fun loving girl for a bf are passionate about. Guys enjoy witnessing this side of you. Your face glows with a passion that makes you attractive to them. They love and admire that you are so involved and driven by something. Confident women are a huge turn-on for some guys. A confident woman knows what she wants.

Men find this trait extremely attractive. Confidence shows in the way you walk, the way you speak, and the way you dress. It is powerful and magnetic, adding a certain allure to your body language. Guys are awed by this. So, carry yourself with confidence around your guy, and you will see the approval in his eyes. But it completely melts their heart when you call them with a cute nickname. It makes the guy feel your affection and care. It also deepens the intimacy and connection you share. Guys find it sensual when girls bite their lips consciously or unconsciously. The action attracts their attention towards your lips and entices them to kiss you.

If you look at the guy from beneath your eyelashes while biting your lips, it might make him lose his mind. Guys like to pamper their girlfriends. They shower them with compliments, gifts, and affection. When girls show their appreciation for these efforts, it makes them happy and fall more in love with you.

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So, show your guy how much you appreciate him and his efforts. You can tell him or express indirectly by giving him gifts. He would enjoy some pampering from you. When you wear your reading glasses, you might notice your guy staring at you. It is because many guys love seeing their girl in glasses. They find the look cute. Glasses make you look studious. When you listen intently to someone without interrupting, it shows your respect for the person and their words. Guys appreciate it when their girlfriend pays Good looking fun loving girl for a bf to what they say without passing any judgments.

When you listen patiently, it shows men that you care and give them the confidence to open up more to you. It increases their love for you. So, pay attention, make eye contact, and show support when your guy tells you something. Guys love it when their girl shows affection in public. The gesture shows them that you love them and are not afraid to show it in front of the world. Subtle gestures when you are out Good looking fun loving girl for a bf public can also communicate your love for your guy. Holding hands, touching his shoulder, and casually putting your hand around his waist are some ways to establish intimacy and subtly show your affection.

The preference of men toward overt or subtle forms of affection is dependent on their personalities. Some love the over-the-top displays, while some prefer the innocent physical connection in public. So, understand what your guy likes and act accordingly. When you laugh genuinely without any reservations, your face lightens up, and your eyes shine with delight. You look beautiful and alive. Seeing their girl happy makes them glad. If they are the reason for your uninhibited laughter, it makes them feel proud that they achieved this feat. Men have an ingrained need to protect the women they love.

Fulfillment of this fundamental protective instinct is essential for them. They love it when their girl shows their vulnerability and leans onto them for support. They feel fulfilled in protecting you and keeping you safe. It is because they find this behavior adorable. They love the familiarity and intimacy of the act. It makes them happy to know that they are providing something to you. It makes you look cute and sexy at the same time, driving them wild.

When your guy sees you in his clothes, he feels like you are subtly sending out the message that you belong to him, which can be a great ego booster. While men adore taking care of the woman they love, they enjoy being taken care of. They appreciate it if their woman hugs them when they are down, prepares their favorite food, and takes care of their needs when they are sick.

It makes them feel cherished and loved. So, show your man some love and care; it would give him a perfect reason to fall deeper for you. Usually, guys start the flirting game to impress or woo their girl. However, they enjoy being wooed too. They love it when their girl takes the initiative and flirts with them. Touching, inviting looks, playing with their foot, and. So, surprise your guy once in a while by flirting with him to keep the spark in your relationship alive.

Clothes such as off-shoulder tops that accentuate your delicate neck and shoulders or well-fitting shorts that show off your long legs are enough to drive your guy crazy. Our society dictates that guys should always make the first move.

They have to be the ones to initiate conversation. All this can sometimes get too frustrating. So, when the girl makes the first move by shooting the first text, it can be pleasantly surprising for the guy. It can make him happy to receive the early morning text from you. But when you are slightly mad, they find it very adorable. You might have seen your boyfriend trying to hide his smile when you are mad at him.

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Some guys are secure in their relationships, while some are jealous. Good looking fun loving girl for a bf even the most secure guys sometimes wonder what you are up to when you are out with your friends. He would be glad to know you are thinking of him even while you are out with friends. It would put his mind at ease. In this new world where posting your life on social media is a trend, expressing affection for your man is not something out of the box. However, this is a great way to show your guy how much you love and appreciate him in front of the world.

He would feel happy and proud that you are not afraid to own your relationship in front of the world. The next time he does something that makes you happy, you can post it on Facebook or Instagram. Keep it occasional and avoid posting something extremely private or cheesy.

Women prefer guys who can make them laugh. Men, on the other hand, appreciate women who laugh at their jokes. They love it when their girlfriend shares the same sense of humor as them and enjoys guffawing at their wittiness. Laughing together also helps in building a strong connection. If you are also a witty person yourself, it will add more fun to the equation. Your funny one-liners would crack him up, making him fall for you more. They find it very difficult to resist them, especially when a girl makes that face.

The puppy eyes make you look innocent, and they feel the urge to keep you safe. Guys are generally close to their male friends. If you invest time and energy in getting to know his friends, it will make him happy. He would appreciate your sincere efforts and adore you more. Your wonderful gesture will make your connection stronger.

Good looking fun loving girl for a bf

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30 Cute Things Girls Do That Guys Love