How to hack chat rooms

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From instant messaging to apps like WhatsApp and SnapChat, there are plenty of possibilities to chat on the Web, and many social media platforms are already available which allows you to create a chat room for group conversation. Now we have got one more similar but a great option in our list i. Chatwhich allows its users to chat anonymously. This new web-based chat room is unique in its own way.

It allows everyone participating in the chatroom to remain anonymous, absolutely no -ups and no -ins.

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Chat website re. In addition to that, the setup of this chatroom is quick and dead easy — and can be thrown away once you are done with the anonymous discussion! And then share that URL with your friends so they can the discussion. For illustration purpose, we have created a chatroom for HackRead.

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ing this chatroom is really straightforward, just access the unique URL, nickname and you are good to begin your conversation. It works really well! Here are some pre-made channels created by Hack. Chat so you can experience how it works:. The Hack. Chat platform was built by Andrew Belt who is physics and a mathematics student at the University of Tennessee. Farzan Hussain. I am Mohammad Farzan! A technology and gadget enthusiast as well as a creative content writer with over six years of experience in writing engaging content.

You will mostly find me writing occasional blog posts, deing websites, capturing photos, social networking and listening to music. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest. Farzan Hussain I am Mohammad Farzan!

How to hack chat rooms

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