How to hug a lover

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I've been an online writer for over nine years. From relationship advice to self-help, I like to write about it all! Learn the best hugging techniques for female friends, girlfriends, and crushes. Priscilla du Preez. How do you hug a girl? The thought of hugging a girl can make a shy guy or complete introvert pretty nervous.

Even the most casual exchanges of physical intimacy can be awkward for someone who is not too comfortable with the opposite sex. From cute and friendly hugs to warm and romantic ones, this article gives tips on how a guy can ease himself into becoming comfortable with hugging a girl, How to hug a lover she is a friend, crush, or his first girlfriend. A cute smile will immediately break the ice, even when you are at a distance.

If she returns a warm smile, you can take it as a that hugging her probably won't make the situation awkward. Walking too fast can make you seem over-eager. It will also reveal your nervousness and might make you give off strange vibes. Act natural by walking calmly and slowly as if you were strolling in the park. Unless you are a boyfriend meeting your girlfriend after many weeks or months of not seeing each other, avoid the faux pas of holding your arms wide open as you walk toward the girl—you will freak her out and make her wonder why you're so excited.

Keep your hands at your sides and walk normally as you approach her. Most of the time, lack of confidence is a deal-breaker when it comes to shy guys interacting with girls. Even if you have the biggest crush on the girl you are about to hug, you need to get a grip on your nerves and display a high level How to hug a lover confidence.

If you remain confident as you approach the girl you're hugging, she will be relaxed, and the situation won't be awkward. Guys must realize that one of the easiest ways to understand a woman is to look into her eyes. Remember this and maintain constant eye contact with a girl as you approach her to give her a hug. Greet her with a "hi" or "hey, what's up? The few words exchanged with her will further relax you and reduce any bit of nervousness you may still feel.

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It will also lay the foundation for the critical after-hug conversation. Give the girl a that you are going to hug her by opening up your arms wide during your last few steps. Make sure that your effort is not half-hearted. Keep your palms open and your elbows stretched out. Just like how you would give her a kissyou must decide which way you are going to tilt your neck when you hug a girl. She will instantly spot your nervousness if you wait for her to choose a side. Once you tilt your head to one side and go in for the hug, don't fumble and move your head the other way.

Ideally, the girl will tilt her neck to the opposite side, and both of you will seamlessly fit into each other like a hand in a glove. Lean in toward the girl when you hug her, but don't lean to the extent that only your shoulders touch. Your entire bodies don't need to be touching, but as a rule of thumb, make sure that at least your torsos from the navels up are touching as you hug her. If she's your girlfriend, the hug might transition into a more romantic embrace, like in the photo above. If she's not your girlfriend, don't risk touching her hair or moving your hands down her back without her consent.

Guys who are shy often fumble with their hands when they hug a girl. Here are some basic guidelines that will help you to be more comfortable with How to hug a lover hands when you hug a girl:. It is one thing if you feel like putting your hand on your girlfriend's bum while you give her a naughty hug make sure she's okay with it first, even if she is your girlfriend.

But if she is not your girlfriend, she is not likely to prefer feeling your hand on her butt. Be firm but gentle as you place your hand on her lower back. The slightest slip down to her bum could be embarrassing for both of you. Hugs can be cute and friendly—they don't have to be an awkward and scary experience! JD Chow. A shy guy or an introvert who feels nervous about approaching girls may feel awkward while hugging a girl for many reasons:. If you can relate to any of these reasons, mentally disassociate them from the act of giving a hug. Remind yourself that How to hug a lover hug is simply a warm, friendly gesture, much like shaking a hand with another guy.

It does not need to be a big deal at all. Letting go of a hug immediately will result in an awkward vibe while holding on to her for too long might make you look like a weirdo. Unfortunately, there is no fixed time in any rule book that dictates the of seconds you should hug a girl, but How to hug a lover between two to four seconds should be okay. For a shy guy, the feeling of awkwardness does not end when the hug ends.

The real challenge begins after the hug because he is likely to have nothing to say to her. If you can relate to this situation, think of a few conversation starters before you give her a hug. Be calm so that your hug naturally transforms into a warm and friendly conversation. Keep these things in mind when you are giving a hug to a girl who is just a friend or someone you are meeting for the first time:.

Don't do it - it's dangerous and risky. Don't even look at them. One harassment charge could ruin your life. Men are much better off once they eliminate women from their life. I'm a female, and I'm madly in love with this other girl, but she's straight Anyways, I have always wanted to at least hug her, but How to hug a lover guess I was too nervous 'til now Hopefully this works?

Really great advice!!! But I don't know how to hug her. She's shameful and so am I. I really want to kiss her and hug her. I'd had maybe 'perfect hugs' before I read this, but as I'm typing this I just saw my best friend for a couple minutes and there wasn't one awkward moment in hat conversation. I have a friend It's a girl though i was her friend on wednesday i Hugged her at lunch and After school She Hugged Me again Today at lunch. Physical Intimacy. Attracting a Mate. Date Ideas. Online Dating. Personality Type. Relationship Problems.

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How to hug a lover

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