How to sexually seduce a man

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Imagine having the proper control on you man and being able to sexually arouse him in bed anytime you want. There is nothing hotter than that. If you know how to seduce your man in bed, you will never have to settle for less ever. You will never have to ask your man for the How to sexually seduce a man you want and rekindle the heat in your relationship, even your married life. Here are thirty-five ways, including text, that you can use to seduce your man in bed for a heated romance. Even the thought of it is sexy enough to seduce and arouse a man.

So, take control in the bedroom, trust me every man gets seduced just by seeing a woman take charge in bed. Get your man all tied up. Use silk scarves or the cuffs especially made for games like this. You can also blindfold him. But not every man likes being tied up and dominated.

So, make sure you know how your man likes you to be and play to seduce him in bed. It will make the sex in your married life rocking. If you want your man to know how How to sexually seduce a man you are, there are ways other than text, make sure he sees you undress. When he is lying down in bed, watching TV or distracted, take him by surprise.

Put on a seductive music and sway lightly on it, like you are dancing in yourself. Slowly unbutton your shirt and slip it from one shoulder and then another. Touch yourself over the neck and cleavage. You will have the attention of your man by now.

Striptease him further the way you want but make sure you keep giving him that hot look in between. Use your lacy clad lingerie to dress yourself up and seduce him.

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Like if you are getting ready for a party, put on that stunning lingerie and those high heels. Strut around sexily in them, put on your makeup and let him drool over you. You can do that while undressing after the party as well. You will have him pouncing on you in no time. Your married life will get better with good sex.

You might need to learn and master body language to let him know you are interested in sex. Try and mirror some of his actions, it will seduce him and turn him on. Like if your man leans towards you, How to sexually seduce a man towards him as well with a passionate eye contact.

Lick your lips as well. It will get him interested in you without a doubt. While out at the dinner with friends sit beside him or right across him. Move your heel clawed feet up and down his calf under the table slowly and look in his eyes. Then slip off your heels and caress his legs with your bare feet. Tickle his ankles with your toes. If you are eating at home or a dark club, put you bare feet up in his lap.

Either he will take you straight into the room, or he would be just waiting desperately to do that. You can text him about a surprise before going out. Wear your makeup, heels and a long coat to a dinner outing. Give him the reason of course but whisper it in his ears or text him. Trust me; he will not be able to concentrate on anything else but your coat. As soon as you both reach home, he will dive for you like a hungry tiger. Your sex life and married life would never have been better.

It will send the shivers down his spine for sure. While you are watching the TV on holiday, get up from the couch, sighing loudly, and tell him you are going for a little nap. Walk away casually removing your clothes one by one. Look over your shoulder at him suggestively and smile.

By the time you reach How to sexually seduce a man bedroom, make sure you are naked. Before that, make the bed looks tempting enough to seduce him and for a heated encounter. When he sees you lying naked with your eyes closed on that bed, it will be his wet dream come true. Thanks nymicat2 sensualportrait natureporn sexyboudoir nudebeauty sexnature sexnaked sexmilf sexwife sensualmilf sexpic sexnature sexbeauty papodealcova sexlovers sexartist sexyartwork sexyartwomen sensualartist beautysexywork sensualart sensualartwork sensuallove sexlovers artsextherapy sextherapy sexwoman beautysexy sensualwoman.

When he is in the shower; unexpectedly him there, and slowly soap his entire body giving special attention to unique body parts. Give him an elaborate wash and sensuous one too. Make it obvious to him there is more on your mind than just soaping him. He would drag you to bed right away. Every man finds it hot to see his woman touching herself and her finger or a vibrator disappearing inside her. While you are watching TV, just start touching yourself subtly and then indulge yourself in pleasure.

Do it like you would when he is not around. Make sounds, moan, close your eyes, enjoy pleasing yourself. You will be having another round of pleasure waiting for you after you are done. It could be a hot lacy lingerie or a baby doll. You can also use some naughty role-play dresses or that hot pantyhose you saw on the website. The more you dress right, more you feel confident, the more he will want you in bed right away. Or, just slip in the washroom, take off your knickers and discreetly slip it into the pocket of your man. He will be extremely excited but unable to do anything about that.

He will be waiting How to sexually seduce a man get his hands on you. While you are enjoying a TV show or a movie, take him by surprise. Kiss and lick his fingertips, nuzzle his neck, lick under his ears and gently bite his lobes. Or, just sit on his lap facing him, rub your crotch on his thighs or dry hump him while you kiss him deeply. And then get up and walk towards your room, looking back at him. He will follow you for sure. While he is busy in the office, you hit a sex toy shop.

At the end of the night, when you are done with dinner and are enjoying a leisure time, just drop the bag of goodies in his lap. When he is leaving for the office whisper in his ears about a hot evening, he might expect later.

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You can also leave a note in his wallet or send him a text message indicating the same. He will not be able to wait until he returns home. Like the shots of your nipples from your shirt or a picture of how high up your skirt rides when you are at your desk. He will be imagining the rest instead of working. Well, I am not sure why a man finds this seductive, especially in bed.

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But if you remove your bra in front of him and then go on doing what you have been doing, his mind will be stuck there until he gets his hands on them. Pick some of the hottest and naughtiest lingerie and baby dolls. Try them on and ask him to judge on how they look on you and which ones to buy. He will go crazy seeing you in those hot little s and yet not being able to touch you until you are How to sexually seduce a man with him. You can also tie him up in bed while you do naughty things to him.

Even better, tell him if he touches you will stop doing whatever you are doing to him. When he is at the edge, he will either touch you or die to want to touch you. If he touches, you stop. Either way, it will drive him wild and become sexually aroused. Just wear your hot lingerie or a babydoll along with the pantyhose and just lie there reading a magazine, doing some work on your laptop or just watching TV. Seeing you like this will seduce him to the extent of driving him crazy.

Pick him up from his office and take him to some nice hotel. Prepare the room beforehand.

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Decorate the room and spare some seductive fragrance. Arrange for his favorite exotic food and drink. Dress up sexily and then watch him getting seduces without much effort.

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Every man likes a little dirty talk from his woman. Tell him your fantasy, what you would like to do. Tell him how you please yourself when he is not around or tell him about a wet dream you have had. You have done the work. Put up a life-size mirror when you often have sex. When he sees the entire action in the mirror, your man will be even more hot, more sexually aroused for you. Even you will have fun. Men like to be primal.

Beg him to rip off your shirt and take you. He will love the sex really but what will seduce him most is that you have let him tear your shirt apart. There is something wild How to sexually seduce a man that. A man is very much turned on and seduced by a woman who is sure of herself and knows what she wants, especially in bed.

So, tell him where to touch and how to touch. Guide him to your g-spots. It will sexually arouse him a lot just to see how much pleasure he could give you by a few touches. To sexually arouse your man, look at him suggestively and then take your long hair down. He would know what you mean really. You can also do that in bed, lie him down, sit astride over him and then let your hair do the magic. Every man likes a bold woman.

How to sexually seduce a man

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15 Ways To Seduce A Man & Make Him Crazy For You!