How to text a guy you like first

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What you need to know to keep your crush interested and wanting more. Figuring out ways to start a conversation with a guy over text can be nerve racking. You want to come across as cool and confident, without being cheesy. But what to say to him? Making a good first impression by sending him that first text is important.

You can use these to help ensure that your conversation gets off to a great start. After you get the ball rolling with a great opener, the ball will be in his court.

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Then depending on how he replies. Yes, sending the first text is bold. You may feel nervous about it or be asking yourself…. And yes, sending off that first text can feel intimidating. Even if you just met. And be the one putting in all the work. All of the time. After you initiate, you have to give him the space that will allow him to come to you. These days you have to be a savvy texter to stand out from the crowd. Besides being utterly boring, these types of messages can be a total turn off.

Instead opt for something original, with a little more pizazz. With the goal being, How to text a guy you like first whatever message you send, it gives him something he can easily and quickly reply back to. The goal is to have him text you back, and keep the conversation going right? Then the best way to do this is to ask him a question that will spark conversation.

One way to do this is to ask him an open ended question. Open ended questions, give the discussion somewhere to go. This prompts him to share something specific. One the best ways to strike up a conversation with a guy you like is to bring up shared interests or experiences.

A love of the same music, books, or a passion for tacos? People love sharing their recommendations. Or what his favorite neighborhood hot spots are. From there, who knows? You may even find yourself agreeing to a date at one of his or your favorite spots around town. Sometimes sending something unexpected is one of the best ways to start a conversation. For instance, a pop culture reference could be just the ticket to a fun and engaging exchange. Either his dog or his cat etc.

Besides, everyone loves to talk about their pet. A modern woman who goes after what she wants. Sending a funny GIF or Meme, works like a charm, and can effortlessly take the conversation in a fun direction. Avoid sending just a string of emojis as a conversation starter. Besides being fun and a bit unexpected. You also have a high probability of getting a reply back from him.

As well as, a more successful and active dating life. Because without any context, he may not know how to reply to you. Then depending on what he sends, you can start a lively and interesting How to text a guy you like first from that point on. Then referencing something that he mentioned in a conversation, is a good place to start. Picking up where you left off last time is a nice way of naturally continuing the conversation over text.

You can either send him a message that references something that you talked about that you had in common. Or show your interest in him, by asking him more about a particular interest or hobby he has. It will be easy to get a quick response from him. Once you hear back, your text exchange can evolve from there. Dating profiles are gold mines for conversation starters.

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Or mention a hobby or interest that How to text a guy you like first have in common. For example, music genres, netflix shows, movies, podcasts, restaurants etc. The list is endless really. Besides, short texts are great openers because create an opportunity for playful banter. Which helps to ensure that your conversation flows. Always try to end the conversation first. Because knowing when to make a graceful exit, communicates total confidence. Also, that you have something going on with your life. Both of which are very attractive qualities to a high value man.

Not just sitting around waiting around for him to reply. Otherwise your discussion will be more likely to loose momentum and fizzle out. Probably not what you had in mind when conversing with your crush. Before sending him a message consider what the point of your discussion will be. This also helps you to feel a bit more in control and less anxious. Ensuring that your exchange with him feels fresh and stays focused.

For example, sending a first text early in the morning on a weekday may be less likely to reply. And consider this, once all of those s, and assorted other tasks of a busy work day start piling up. He could even totally forget that you texted him at all.

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If you want to send him a text during the work week, I find that the late afternoon or early evening tend to work best. As most of the day will be behind him and you will be more likely to get a reply from him. But generally speaking when it comes to weekends, the ideal time to get a reply is mid-morning or early afternoon. Avoid texting him late at night. Which can make you look needy or desperate. Which of course you are not, at all. As the subtle clues that we subconsciously rely on to communicate properly, like tone of voice and body language are missing.

And are really hard for someone to infer over text. Which means that your text could easily be misinterpreted. Which will help to create more context and tone to your message.

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Then next, always make sure to to re-read texts before you send them. Which will ensure that the over all tone is clear and coming across the way you intend it too.

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Playful banter is one of the quickest ways to strike up a flirty conversation with a guy. Keeping it light and flirty at the beginningis also a good way of subtly letting a guy know that you like him. As more than How to text a guy you like first friend. Which could potentially send him the wrong message. Think classy not trashy. You also want to avoid triple texting, rapid fire texting, or machine gun texting him. Which is when you fire off one text after the other several times in a row. Because people love hearing their name and it makes them feel special. While yes, in person and in real life situations that is true.

Besides being overly formal and awkward, it sends a subconscious message that you are indeed a stranger. Think about it this way, when you text a friend do you use their name? No, of course not. That would be weird. Same applies here. When texting a potential love interest you want your conversation to feel as welcoming and natural. So just go head and send him a text like you would when texting a friend. Laughter is the best medicine. Sarcasm is a perfect example of this. Which often can come across in a text as either snarky or passive aggressive.

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Probably not what you had in mind when trying to get a convo going with a new guy. Asking a question to begin a conversation is ideal. As well as, asking related questions as you go along. Because it may make your conversation begin to feel more like an interrogation or an interview.

In addition, make sure that you also share a bit about yourself as you go along. As it also, will give him a chance to ask you a few questions and show his interest in you. You also need to make sure, that you actually have time to have a conversation with him. There needs to be an opportunity for your convo to flow.

How to text a guy you like first

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