Is it love or like quiz

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Please leave empty:. Yeah, I am in love! I don't know Comments Change color. Amaryah So I took this test twice. The first one I took said that I just like him and the second said that I love him. I like this one guy named christian and he never talks to me or looks at me but he's really hot I'm only in 8th grade so I feel like that I'm to young and my friend always teases me saying I like him.

Lara Al Dleelan I am so happy to be telling you this You believe he's the right one for you, and that he's pretty much perfect! Now, it's time to take action on those feelings! Let him know how you feel! You could tell Is it love or like quiz straight out, give him strong nonverbal als like meaningful looks and lots of smilingor try a mixture of both.

Good luck! I like levi hehehe so I wonder what I get eeeek. Heyyyy NurJa I'm really in love with him! Whenever I see his photo in my phone I become so happy! I love him a lot. I love u my love. I'm in seventh grade I refuse to believe I'm in love.

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I've been infatuated with him since he walked through the door in fifth grade. I thought about it and now he's popping up everywhere, I see him at school more at lot of awkward eye contact, I'm friends with one of his best turned because he has four classes with me. I haven't talked to him in over a year. Avocado Guys I'm not saying this is a fact but- if you have to take a quiz, you likely aren't in love with them.

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Not saying this is a fact- just my opinion. Have a great day!!!!! Anonymous Zusy I just first heard his voice and fell completely in love, I don't know if he feels the same, But I can't stop thinking about him and I just can't concentrate and my heart beats so fast when I think about him.

But a friend of mine told me our mutual friend also likes him. And I wouldn't like to take him away from her. But now these feelings are becoming overwhelming. Person He means so much to me even though it's just a highschool relationship. I sneak out to see him at 2 a.

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It feels like everything just falls away and i just see him and all my problems fade and don't matter when i'm with him. He means so much to me i like him so much.

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Alexa I call bull. TotallyConfusedHelp Hey, There is this guy in my class, we will call him bayden, and I really like him. We have dated before but I dumped him. He wants us to get back together, he told me and I really like him.

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He begged me not to get back with bayden, because he thinks he will break my heart, and he hates bayden. Cooper said that if he cold have me he would. What should I do?? Help me!! Braxtyn I think I love him but not rly sure so I took this test right, but it says not in love yet!

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I had a dream he said yes! Like head over heels in love.

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I'm single and ready for him to ask me out so I can say yes and he'll be mine. Delete this comment Cancel.

Is it love or like quiz

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Do I Have a Love, Lust or Loser Relationship? Quiz