Living by the spirit bible verses

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Knowing our spirit is the key to experiencing Christ! So we need to be impressed with the importance of our spirit! Many people are seeking to know the difference between the soul and spirit. I believe this seeking is from the Lord. It is tragic that so many believers today are still confusing their soul and spirit, possibly missing the experience of their spirit entirely.

God made us with a spirit, soul and body for His purpose. In this way we can contain Him as the light in order to express Him. In ZechariahGod ranks our human spirit with the heavens and the earth in His creation! The heavens are for the earth. The earth is for man. And man with a spirit is for God. The first blessing the Lord mentioned in Matthew 5 is related to our spirit v. To be poor in our human spirit is to be emptied in our deepest part so that we can receive something new of the Lord. We need to be emptied in our spirit so Living by the spirit bible verses we can receive the kingdom of the heavens.

Being born again, regenerated of the divine lifehappens in our human spirit from the moment we believe in the Lord Jesus. I open my Living by the spirit bible verses to You. Come into my spirit and fill me with Your eternal life. John 4 reveals that the true worship God is seeking must be in our spirit. This also shows the importance of our spirit to God. To contact Him we must exercise our spirit. This also shows the importance of our spirit in carrying out His work in us.

But some of us might mistakenly confuse their spirit and soul. But this verse makes it clear that our spirit and soul are different. Hebrews tells us that our soul and spirit can be divided from one another. We need to daily experience the dividing of our soul and spirit so we can cut through our troublesome soul to enjoy Christ who is now living in our spirit.

Romans tells us that our service to God must be in our spirit. This also indicates the importance of our spirit. It may be out of our good intentions but may not be something that He can approve of. This strengthens the assurance of our salvation. Romans gives us the best indicator to whether our living is one with the Lord.

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That is, whenever we set our mind on our spirit, there is life and peace. This makes our spirit an important key to living the proper church life. If we would honor our fellow believers, and refresh their spirit, we must live in and by our spirit. Are you looking for the bountiful supply to to live the Christian life? Ephesians tells us that our spirit is the organ for us to receive wisdom and revelation to know God and His eternal plan.

Paul prayed for the believers to have such a spirit and we should also pray for ourselves and others to have such a spirit. This makes our spirit extremely important both to God and to us. Footnote 6 on this verse in the Recovery Version says.

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In order that we may experience Christ unto all the fullness of God, we need to be strengthened into our inner man. This implies that we need to be strengthened into our spirit through the Holy Spirit. Ephesians tells us that renewing is related to our spirit. Renewing depends on this mingled spirit—the Spirit with our spirit—spreading into our mind.

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Ephesians tells us that we can be filled in our spirit by speaking and singing. Our spirit is connected to our mouth. Ephesians indicates that to fight the spiritual warfare we need to pray in our spirit. In fact, our spirit is the main faculty for prayer.

This also shows the importance of our spirit. My name is Tom Smith. Please feel free to send me an e-mail through the contact if you have any questions. I hope you'd take a moment to subscribe to the Holding to Truth blog.

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Then you'll be sure not to miss a post. He is so excellent! Thank God for making us with a spirit so we can contact Him and drink of Him as the living water John Thank you for your comment. Keep loving the Lord and His word! I am so thankful to find your website. I am going to subscribe now. I was just praying and listening to the Holy Living by the spirit bible verses as he was teaching me about soul, spirit and body. I dont see it in your writings. Thank you so much! Our spirit is the organ for us to contact God, receive God and contain God.

Our soul, with our mind, emotion and will, is the organ through which we can express Him. That is why after being born again or regenerated in our spirit Johnwe need to be transformed in our soul Living by the spirit bible verses. To magnify is to express, even to enlarge the view of something. Like Mary, may we learn to exult in God with our spirit and then express and magnify the Lord through our soul.

When we exercise our spirit at first, by calling upon the name of the Lord Jesus, we are filled with the sense of His life in us and are at peace with God, and man. But then the Lord may take us through some situations where we fail and do not sense His life and peace, because of our not living in and by our spirit, but by our natural life in our soul. This will cause us to seek Him again, because of the sense of emptiness inside, to call upon His name again, thereby exercising our spirit to be renewed again with the sense of life and peace, that renews our mind, the leading part of our soul, to live by our spirit, so that we could walk according to our spirit, becoming full of His life within, resulting in a sense of peace with God, that we do not want to depart from.

Thank You Lord Jesus. Thank you brother Tom for your sharing. Grace be with you. We need to see our spirit and to use our spirit all the time. If we see the importance of our spirit to God and to the carrying out of His eternal purpose, we will be governed by this vision and strengthened to exercise our spirit—to call on the Lord and to take care of the sense of our spirit, the sense of life.

It is only in this way that we can practically come to experience a living in the reality of the Body of Christ. May the Lord cause all of His dear seekers to see such a vision and live according to His Spirit with their spirit so that His plan can be fully accomplished.

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Amen, what a Marvellous discovery, the human spirit is, what a Blessing to know we can just call: ohhhh Lord Jesus and we are ed to the Lord!!! Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah!!! I will Praize Living by the spirit bible verses. Lord Jesus, we Love You!!! It is like appreciating electricity but missing the switch to apply it. When we exercise our spirit by calling on the Lord, singing His praise, rejoicing, thanking and walking according to the spirit, we enjoy the divine transmission as the divine supply to live the Christian life. You may also enjoy reading Living in the Mingled Spirit, The Secret of the Christian Lifea post that further develops the importance of our spirit.

Praise the Lord Brother Tom Wonderful that is a deepest revelation from the Lord, may God bless you and give you more revelation. Our human spirit is a deep revelation and a great discovery in our Christian life. It is really the key to experiencing the indwelling Christ. How blessed it is see the from 2 Tim. Thanks for your comment. It is a great blessing to discover our human spirit both from the revelation of the Scriptures and also in our experience with the Lord.

Since the Lord Jesus in resurrection is now the life-giving Spirit 1 Cor. This is the source of supply to live the Christian life. You may also download it as a free ebook here The last chapter in Basic Elements of the Christian Life, vol.

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To understand regeneration it is crucial that we see the two Spirits—the divine Spirit and our human spirit. This is how we experience the reality of regeneration. Thus, to be regenerated is to have the divine, eternal life in addition to the human, natural life as the new source and new element of a new person. The most basic way I have discovered to do this is to call on the name of the Lord Jesus from deep within.

O Lord Jesus! Geoffrey, Our spirit, as the organ to contact and receive God, to experience Christ is often missed by Christians. BY seeing the importance of our spirit in the Bible, we will be better equipped to live a life in one spirit with the Lord 1 Cor. Thanks for sharing your appreciation in a comment. This is so deep. Amazingly helpful. Living by the spirit bible verses you ever allow mentorship conversations once a month or anything similar, it would be an honor and helpful. Thank you so much for this summary. God bless you and your family Tom- Louis.

I would be glad to talk. You can let me know through the contact how best to reach you. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. About Tom Smith Hi. Marzette McGary. I hope you find this response helpful and feel free to comment often. Didier Kirady.

Thank you for your confirming comment. Thank you. From Mozambique — Africa. Thank you for these revalation it open a new life for me in Christ Jesus. Thank you for this article. I found it quite comprehensive. Louis, Yes. Grace to you in Christ, Tom. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

Living by the spirit bible verses

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