Loving all night

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In. Video 4min.

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Short Music. Loving all night Peter Care. Top credits Director Peter Care. Photos Top cast Edit. Peter Care. More like this. Storyline Edit. Add content advisory. Did you know Loving all night. Trivia All scenes in this video that show Roy Orbison is actually footage from his music video for "In Dreams".

User reviews 1 Review. Top review. A sensual shock of styles. Sensual, romantic and starring two of the hottest stars of its period, this posthumous clip of "Roy Orbison: I Drove All Night" is a video classic that truly transposes the sentiment of the song into images.

The idea doesn't change much from frame to frame mostly consists of tender moments of a loving couple, played by Jason Priestley and Jennifer Connelly - both at the glorious peak of their beauty - and archive footage from Orbison in other songs made to match this songso in order to leave it all more interesting the director used of a cinematic language already existing but perfected and explored to a whole new level with Oliver Stone at that decade's entrance and I don't need to mention the film.

Fast cuts, the use of several camera types, lenses and film stocks, an exciting delirious visual mixture of color, controlled colors and black-and-white, speed vs. And there's also some "Wild at Heart" kind of vibes. It's such a beautiful song and an even more spectacular video.

Besides the loving couple concept, there's plenty of solo images of Priestley driving days and nights in desert ro, which is the lyrics idea "just to get to you I drove Loving all night night". Connelly and Priestley had the presence and charisma as the main couple; and despite the heavy style, which doesn't appeal to everybody these days, the clip isn't all that dated. They'd still make a standard couple today, all Hollywood style and that casting decision couldn't been better. Along with "Wicked Game" by Chris Isaak, this is one of the hottest clips of that decade and both feature some of the greatest music moments of all time with their unforgettable sounds and songs.

Fun fact for those who don't know: the song was originally written for Orbison, but he didn't care much, then the writers lent it to Cyndi Lauper and a hit was born; it'd take a few more years for Roy to actually provide his rendition a lot better than Cyndi's IMHOreleased on a posthumous album in the early 's. Details Edit. Release date April United States.

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United States. Satellite Films. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 4min. Black and White Color. Contribute to this Suggest an edit or add missing content.

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Loving all night

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Lovin' All Night