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Entire collection can be viewed on the Libraries' Digital Collections website. Permission of Visual Materials Curator is required to view originals. Contact Special Collections for more information. The photographers in this collection operated in Washington state, the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, and other areas outside the Pacific Northwest. Imprints on some older photographs indicate the place of business as in "Washington Territory" which would place their dates before The collection contains considerable material from photographers active in Oregon, Alaska, British Columbia, neighboring states, and other geographic locations.

Most photographs are mounted on cardstock of various sizes popular during their period. Most mounts bear photographers' imprints which often indicate street address in addition to city. Some materials are photographic postcards that bear postage, postmarks, and correspondences. View selections from the collection in digital format. Restrictions may exist on reproduction, quotation, or publication. Photographs are grouped in folders according to the photographers last name or the photographic studio. Where two or more photographers share a last name, first and middle initials have been added to the folder name.

Individual photographs are then ed according to this Naked girls of rhode Clarks Louisiana nomenclature and followed by sequential Arabic numerals. Fuku 1 source: Julian Christodoulides, April 13,accessioned as Fuku 2 Source: Julian Christodoulides, August 8, Frank G. Abell was born in Illinois and moved with his parents to California in Inat the age of 18, he ed the firm of William Shew in San Francisco, where he spend 4 Naked girls of rhode Clarks Louisiana learning the art and business of photography.

He worked with his son George L. Abell, at addresses: 29 Washington St. After a few years Abell went to San Francisco for a while, and later returned to Portland to stay, Elbridge W. Moore bought and continued the photography business at the same location.

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Known primarily for his studio portraits, his gallery Naked girls of rhode Clarks Louisiana Portland was both spacious and well furnished, including an "elegant piano for the free use of patrons". Abell also produced "Cards, Cabinets, Panels, Boudoirs, Stereoscopic and Out Door Views, and Living Statues", the latter being photos of living subjects arranged to present the appearance of a marble bust on a pedestal.

He moved to Tacoma in in failing health, and died in Frank Abell and his son George L. Abell were active at addresses: 29 Washington St. The photograph business was purchased in by Elbridge W. Adams worked as a photographer at C. Rothwell, circa George W. Adams worked with Jirden L. Anders, Allen was a member of the 2nd Calvary and participated in longest exploratory expeditions on the North American continent in American history, the Allen Expedition of The Allen Expedition entailed exploration of uncharted terrain and resulted in many new discoveries.

It was the first time westerners traveled from the coastal regions of south-central Alaska northward through the Alaska Range into the Yukon drainage. From there the expedition continued westward to the Bering Sea — completing a total of 1, miles in less than 20 weeks. Had it not been for the Alaska Native people encountered, at times the small group of travelers might have perished.

Surprisingly, Allen continued to take up war against the Native American population once he returned to the lower 48 states. From only Frank Perkins is listed as a photographer at the 3rd Avenue location. Charles A. Alvord and Ben E. The firm is listedbut only Alvord shown. The American View Co. Prop's [ill. Other photographers using the name American View Co. The relationships, if any, are not known.

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William O. Amsden was part of the Seattle Photo Co. The office was located at 15 Shorey Blk. Amsden was also part of the Mountaineers and in was part of the Mount Rainier climbing party that included Fay Fuller, who upon the completion of this ascent was the first woman to stand on the summit. Heron St. He was known for his short films of everyday occurrences in Grays Harbor, Washington that may have been used to supplement national films that were shown locally in town. Ed Andrews was born in Norway. According to a note from donor Carolyn Brown, he changed his name from Edvard Engrebretsen to Ed Andrews when he immigrated.

Later he moved to South Dakota where he lived on the family farm.

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Inhe came to Douglas and worked as a clerk in the Treadwell Store. After owning and operating a restaurant he opened the Ed Andrews photography studio. As a prominent Douglas photographer, Andrews distributed images to dealers all over Alaska. Andrews lived in Douglas until his death. The studio opened in and was operated by Alexander W. Dreyfoos and Henry Obstfield. Apeda Studios focused on sports, theater and celebrity portraiture. Yeager was a ambrotypist active in Olympia, circa From November to January 19, he was in business with John V. Yantis for 2 months. Later he partnered with William M.

Ashman, circa Frank Fuller also known as F. Avery was born in Indiana. He began working for the Indian School Service on September 22, The images record agency headquarters and personnel, along with numerous photographs of Colville Indian farmers and school children. Louis Fabian Bachrach, Sr. Bachrach was a second generation photographer. InBachrachs father, David, opened a photographic studio in Washington and another in Baltimore. Louis began his photographic career by working with his father in Washington and Baltimore and by helping several photographers in New York.

In Louis continued the national chain by opening a studio in Worcester, Massachusetts. In he assumed the presidency of Bachrach, Inc. He was Naked girls of rhode Clarks Louisiana by his son, Bradford. Bachrach, Inc. Bythere were 48 Bachrach studios, and at its height it included forty-eight studios with six hundred employees. He died in semi-retirement in Boston, Massachusetts. Edwin Naked girls of rhode Clarks Louisiana. Later, as Bailey, E. James Presley J. Ball Sr. Ball was born in Virginia, probably a freeman. As a young man he learned daguerreotyping and opened his first studio in Cincinnati at age twenty.

He hired his future brother-in-law, Alexander Thomas, around Thomas became a full partner in the business in November of to March Balls younger brother, Thomas C. Ball, continued as a studio photographer in partnership with Alexander Thomas until Thomas death in Balls work was featured in exhibitions of photography at expositions held in,and at the Ohio Mechanics Institute.

At the exposition, Ball and another photographer won a bronze medal for photography. Ball experienced financial difficulties between and He lost a substantial amount of money as a result of "unfortunate speculations" and his assets were liquidated at a Constables sale inthough he continued with limited funds under the supervision of the Bankruptcy Court. In abouthe went to Montana with son James Presley, Jr.

In the second half ofBall followed his son J. Ball, Jr. Ball Jr. He left Seattle for Honolulu, presumably for the change in climate to help relieve his crippling rheumatism. He opened a studio in his home in Honolulu, which was probably run by his daughter, Estella.

Naked girls of rhode Clarks Louisiana

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