New girl in town

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Paul any minute. Marthy comes in looking for Anna who wrote and told her father that she was a nurse. Embarrassed by his living arrangement with Marthy, Chris asks her to move out for a few days so Anna can move in.

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The crew of the tug pull some shipwrecked men out of a small boat. The biggest of the three can still walk. She fends him off but comes back to take care of him till he falls asleep on the deck. When they arrive back in New York, the news of the rescued sailors makes Mat something of a celebrity. Anna is chased in by a Masher who claims to recognize her. Mat chases him off before asking Anna to the ball. Marthy becomes more and more resentful as Chris shuns her, believing that Anna is too innocent to mix with the likes of her.

Mat comes looking for Anna who has been keeping him at a distance to ask her to tell him how she feels about him. She finally tells him that she loves him and that she has never loved a man before. The two men have a literal tug-of-war with Anna in New girl in town middle, but in the end, they agree to put off the argument and go to the ball.

In the street, happy revelers sing on their way to the Check Apron Ball.

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When she is snubbed by Chris and the society ladies giving the ball, however, she succumbs to drink. Mat comes in already jealous of the attention Anna is being paid by men at the ball. Anna is the belle of the ball, dancing with joy at being accepted by New girl in town crowd. Anna crosses to Mat who recoils from her touch. Mat gets drunk and s on with a ship bound for the Pacific.

Anna has moved to Staten Island to work for Henry on a farm. When Chris meets Mat back from China but shipping out in a few hours he tries to be protective and tells Mat that Anna is married. Anna comes in with Henry and bushels of potatoes.

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Mat and Anna try to appear cool, but are still clearly drawn to each other. Musical Direction by Hal Hastings. First LP release: May 24, mono and June 20, stereo. Search Search.

New girl in town

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New Girl in Town