Nine secrets of healthy relationships

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There's more to a great union than sexual attraction and common interests. Here's how to know if your partnership is healthy. You and your partner love trying new restaurants together, going on long bike rides, and traveling, but when it comes to being happy and healthy in a relationship, there are other things to consider besides having common interests.

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What exactly makes a relationship healthy? You can communicate your wants, needs, and boundaries, as well as listen to the other person. No matter how you identify, a healthy relationship is important to cultivate because the opposite — a toxic relationship — takes a toll on your quality of life by heightening depression and anxietyimpacting sleep, causing you to take up unhealthy habits, and even impacting heart healthsays Mary Jo Rapini, d intimacy and sex psychotherapist in Houston.

Being in a high-quality romantic relationship is associated with greater well-being, according to a study published August in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

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Trust is foundational in all relationships, but with social media and cellphones, it can become all too easy to snoop. They also show you they trust you by giving you the freedom and space you need without checking up on you constantly — and that includes checking your phone, she says.

Every couple fights. Meaning, both of you encourage the other to explore what they love on Nine secrets of healthy relationships own. Or you know that little things, like your partner forgetting to take out the trash, can set you off. Whatever your strengths and weaknesses are, being aware of them can help you reach a point of loving and accepting yourself, which in turn can help you love and accept your partner. She gives the example of budgeting for something big, like a vacation. Once the initial elation of a new relationship wears off, check in with yourself: Do you feel happy and supported by your partner?

How are your mood and self-esteem? Feeling unhappy in a relationship can lead to health problems down the road. According to a study published in July in the Journal of Affective Disorderswhich looked at nearly 5, adults over age 50 who were partnered up, having regular negative interactions in a relationship increases the likelihood of suffering from depression and anxiety, and is even linked to suicidal thoughtslikely because dysfunction drives up day-to-day stress.

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Reviewed: February 12, Medically Reviewed. Here are nine s you and your mate are a good match: 1. Trust Is at the Core of the Relationship Trust is foundational in all relationships, but with social media and cellphones, it can become all too easy to snoop.

Nine secrets of healthy relationships

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Happy couples: How to keep your relationship healthy