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Browse all Get Strong. Browse all Get Social. Browse all Get Skilled. This article was originally published in February Every relationship expert will tell you that one of the keys Plans for a date keeping the spark alive in a long-term relationship is continuing to court your ificant other, even after you Plans for a date hitched. Pretty much every couple sees the wisdom of this advice on the face of it. But the execution can sometimes be easier said than done — especially when kids come into the picture.

If you have kids, your date starts once they go to bed. Things like splitting a bottle of wine and having a movie night or engaging in a little chaka-chaka are of course easy go-to activities once the kids hit the hay, but you also want to get creative from time to time in coming up with new things to do.

So below we offer 18 ideas for enjoyable, easy-to-plan, inexpensivestay-in romantic date night ideas you can try with your lady love. Have a Game Night — Offline. Video games are great, but board gamescard gamesand other analog games allow you to connect in a really positive way. So, b B reak out the Boggle or Jenga. A little friendly competition can get the sparks flying again in your relationship. Eat Take-Out By Candlelight. Make Dinner or Dessert Together. Making dinner on a weeknight can be a rushed and stressful affair.

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Paint Night With Watercolors. When was the last time you busted out some art suppliesand tried your hand at painting? So get some cheap watercolor sets and some big pieces of paper and sit together to paint your best masterpieces. You can re-create this bookstore experience at home by each buying a couple of magazines beforehand and then making your own lattes or hot chocolates. Sit in some comfy chairs around the house, sip on your drinks, read your mags, and share the interesting tidbits you come across with your ificant other.

Ask Each Other Questions. And there are also ones that are not specifically couple-focused, but simply offer fun conversation starters for everybody. Do a Puzzle Together. Like playing a board gamedoing a puzzle together is a nice relaxing activity that helps you chill out and have a good conversation. Pick a puzzle you can finish that evening — something like pieces. Have a Backyard Picnic. Lay out a blanket in your backyard, set out a lantern, and eat a dinner or dessert under the stars while you snuggle Plans for a date stargaze.

Read Aloud From Books.

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Back in the 19 th century, people were all about reading out loud to each other; sitting around a parlor and reciting poetry and book passages was considered a good time. Bring back this old tradition for a stay-in date. You and your lady each choose a few excerpts or poems to share, read them aloud to each other, and then discuss. Make a Craft Together.

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Another fun idea for a great date at home is to get craftyand it need not mean doing something foo-fooey or involve bedazzling. You could turn a couple of books into secret safes or clockstransform empty Altoids tins into things like first aid kits or fire ball launchers, or transfer a photograph onto a piece of wood. Watch a Movie Outside. Mix up your usual routine of parking yourself on the couch in front of the TV, by bringing your movie watching outside.

Set up a sheet, projector, and some chairs, bring out some snacks or appetizers and drinks, and enjoy a fresh air flick. So camp out in front of the fireplace, and roast yourselves dinner and dessert. Have a Tasting Party. Wine tastings are just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to buying a few different wines, you can also try different wines, whiskiesor even root beers and do a tasting.

You can even do a tasting of foods, getting some different cheeses, or better yet, sausages and cured meatsand sampling the fare. Have a Vinyl Plans for a date Party. Vinyl makes for a warm and truly immersive listening experience. Mix up some cocktails and take in the full narrative arc of an album while you lounge and cuddle with your main squeeze. As soon as you hear the pop of the needle hitting the grooves of the record, you can let all you cares fade away. Take a Bubble Bath. Plenty of people have an ample tub, or even a bathroom Jacuzzi, that they never ever use; in their madcap life, they rely exclusively on the efficiency of their shower.

So take a break from the routine, slow things downand have a spa night. G et romantic by lighting up some candles and Plans for a date in a relaxing bubble bath with your lady love. You can also keep things down to earth by committing to doing one microadventure each weekand drawing up a list of all the possible microadventure ideas you can come up with. Listen to a Spooky Old-time Radio Show.

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This has become a Halloween tradition for Kate and I, but is something you can do any old time. Especially on these dark, chilling winter nights. After the kids go to bed, we make a fire in the fireplace, lay down a blanket in front of it, set out our vintage radio-turned-mp3 playerand put on an episode of an old-time spooky radio show. Best of all, we have on hand apple cider donuts, shipped in from Vermontto snack on as Plans for a date listen. Life gets hectic. Skip vegging out with Netflix or Amazon Prime, and instead try one of these stay at home date night ideas. Menu podcast. Clothing Accessories Facial Hair Ties.

Fitness Health Program Review. Family Fatherhood Relationships Social Skills. Have a Game Night — Offline Video games are great, but board gamescard gamesand other analog games allow you to connect in a really positive way.

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Plans for a date

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