Prayer to get engaged

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Dear Lord, I have been engaged for 8 months, me and my husband to be we love each other and we are waiting on his family to come and meet my family for a traditional wedding to happen, but they have been postponing to give my family a date ever since. Please Lord, help me with this situation. I dont know why the delay, please God intervene and Prayer to get engaged the knot that might be the obstacle for us get married, and please defeat the devil that is standing on our way to get married.

I am praying to get married soon so that can have natural born children and not have to adopt. I am 36 years old and never been married and had children.

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Lord Jesus Christ. I trust in your holy loving Holy name. I believe that you have the right and God fearing wife for me. Help me I find a white and God fearing wife Lord. Lord Jesus, Finically bless me so that I can have money to help me marry a wife and serve you more. I thank you and I believe that you are answering my prayer in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Please Lord help me. My dear Heavenly father. I pray to get married to the man I love,his name is John. I love him so much,and am now ready to settle down and have my own family.

Please God,help us through all the difficulty ahead of us,and remove anything that may prevent us from being together. I believe you are going to do it. I come here again to ask for your prayers, I posted a prayer for marriage and am in a Prayer to get engaged distance relationship, now only to be told that my boyfriend is seeing someone else.

I love him still and would like to settle down with and I believe that all this straying Prayer to get engaged making him loose focus towards us. I may sound desperate but this is the man I love and want to be with.

Lord you know, please give me strength and show me the way on which to go. Bless us and I know doors are going to open for me. You brought me out of my first marriage for a cause ,and now my loneliness kills me. I feel now that,even if i did not have a happy marital life ,I should have lived that life.

But,Lord I want a real life and a real wedding. You know what happened in my Prayer to get engaged and even though the society supported me in coming out of my first weddingI feel shy to face them because you know that i was grown up in such a society. I really want a life partner soon from a good family,a caring,loving, a person who understands my value and who treats me like himself. I want to live a happy life and a life full of thanks giving to you.

I should be showered with your blessing. Dear God of heavens I getting older and I want to get married within this year to my soulmate and have children. I believe you have already done it. I am asking God to help me get the man of my life to marry me. Someone who will love me.

God please help me. I was involved with a guy that truly introduced me to full time christian but he turned out to not be my husband. He told me he can marry me because he fallen out of love. I have a guy that I was dating and know him for a very long time.

I pray Lord Jesus that with the same power that raised You from the dead that you can restore this man for me and that we may marry. Restore him Lord for your glory in Christ Jesus. Dear Lord, i am turning 33 this year and i have never been in a relationship. I would love to meet someone special really soon, get married and have children. Please help me Jesus and bless me and all those using this medium to seek your favour the desires of our hearts. I pray that I get engaged this year I am getting older and would love to have a husband with God values.

Dear Lord- I am fasting until Easter for marriage. I am believing in you that you will put marriage in my boyfriends mind and that he ask me to be married. I pray that anything that is not of you be removed in the Name of Jesus. I ask that anything or anyone blocking us from being married be removed in the Name of Jesus.

We have our issues that have delayed our union since last year February and would like to pray and declare that may all the evil forces that are coming between us be broken and so that we can be united in your eyes. I Prayer to get engaged for a healthy family and relationship and wisdom and all the evil forced be cast out so that we can start walking in the light. Dear God, I may Prayer to get engaged express myself fully as you know my relationship is a long distance one and temptations do come but I pray that we keep us in faith and walk in the Holy Ghost so that we can be blinded by all the temptation that is thrown at us.

I pray we can get our union tied by Mayin Jesus name Amen. Please pray he ask me to be his wife within the next few months and place a ring on my finger. Heavenly Father please bless me with marriage. I believe that you brought him in my life for a hood purpose. Please Lord may bless us with marriage please.

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I have fasted for three days so that no issues can block our love for each other. Bless us Lord. May he always think of me and see the good woman in me and thus propose marriage to me in Jesus name. I trust you Lord that it is done in the Mighty name of Jesus. Amen and amen. Heavenly fatherbi pray that everything may go quicker so that we can get married by the beginning of ive been waiting for 33years now no .

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No nothing just wanna have my own family now im getting old i. Dont even habe a sister is just me alone im praying for financial breakthrough in Jesus mighty name pls pray with me as well i blv Amen. Me and my boyfriend was in long distance relation and my love of my life planning to be together and get married soon.

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Please help us to be together. We love each other even his older about 23 years i still love him with all my heart.

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Please god hear our prayers to be together and getting Prayer to get engaged soon god hear our prayers i love you. Dear heavenly father, I ask that you will cause me to meet someone to start a family with soon. I ask you God to give me a loving, patient, faithful, fun, kind, gentle, even tempered, hardworking, successful man as a husband. I pray that this man will be godly. I pray that his family will be kind and welcoming.

I pray that God will grow me into a godly wife and that as I wait I will be strengthened. I believe you are a prayer answering God, in Jesus name I ask. I am a 22 year old and i am desperate to get married please pray 4 mr that my boyfriend marries me in 5 weeks.

Dear God i pray to meet my very loving life partner and may everything happen soon by your grace. Lord, thanks for being with me always. God please send him to me soon as me and my parent want me to get married soon. God I know you hearing me and I know you will send my soul mate soon to me. My parents are eagerly looking for a suitable partner. No suitable proposals are coming. I am really sad. Please pray for me to get my partner as soon as possible.

I am 26 year old now. I have become 25 years no one is coming in my life. Please pray that someone comes in my life asks for my hand and i get married as I have no father to find for me a suitable Prayer to get engaged. Please ask God to be the father for this daughter. Heavenly Father,i thank you for everything that you have done for me. Lord am asking you please bless me with a man with dignity,not abusive,respect,a man who knows to communicate with you and strong. I thank you Amen. Dear God, thank you for blessing me with a long and healthy life.

Prayer to get engaged

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