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There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. The San Pedro succulent is a type of cactus that can thrive in many different types of environments. These cactuses have been used for traditional and religious ceremonies in South America and can be found all around the world.

You can find these types of ornamental cactuses listed on Psychoactive cacti for sale at reasonable prices. Succulent plants can store water in their leaves. You will notice that the stem and leaves of these Psychoactive cacti for sale are thick and fleshy. The succulent can survive in dry and hot climates. They do not thrive in humid climates though. Succulents are drought resistant and can survive with limited water sources.

They still need to be watered in order to get liquid and nutrients into their leaves. The succulents are prized for their unique look. Many people use succulents as decorations. These cactuses are also known as the Trichocereus pachanoi. It is a type of cactus that is native to the Andes Mountains.

It can flourish in altitudes of 2, to 3, meters above sea level. This type of cactus has been used for over 3, years in traditional medicine. This plant is considered sacred to the Peruvian people. In the rest of the world, it is mainly used as an ornamental decoration. San Pedro cactuses can produce mescaline. Mescaline is a type of drug that can produce hallucinogenic effects. It is not legal to consume these cactuses in the United States.

The cactus has yellow to light green stems. They can reach a diameter of 6 to 15 centimeters. It will usually have six to eight ribs. Some cactuses do not have spines. For the most part, these cactuses will have seven yellow to brown spines on them. They can produce a white flower that blooms during the night. This species can grow in any type of environment. There are some countries where these cactuses flourish in the wild. They include:. The San Pedro cactus can grow outdoors or indoors. They are typically grown from seeds or clippings.

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The outdoor varieties can reach a height of 19 feet. The indoor cactuses will be shorter and smaller due to less sunlight exposure.

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Discover the perfect backpack, dorm room decorations, study supplies and great succulents to prepare for going Back to College. Shop by Category.

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View: Gallery View. Genus Echinopsis see all. Climate Temperate Arid see all.

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Features Flowering see all. Buying Format All Listings filter applied. Echinopsis cv.

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EUR Echinopsis peru cv. Echinopsis bridge cv. Echinopsis hybrid cv. EUR 0. Only 1 left! Hybrid cactus pups EUR San Pedro Cactus Cutting 2.

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Echinopsis pach cv. Succulents Make Great Ornamental Plants The San Pedro succulent is a type of cactus that can thrive in many different types of environments. What is a succulent? What is the San Pedro cactus? Where are the native cactuses located?

Psychoactive cacti for sale

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