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To roll is to generate a randomnormally between 1 and When members of a group have equal claims to something—such as a piece of loota chestor a resource node —they will roll for it; the player who rolls the highest is the winner. Manual rolls are commonly used in raids where a master looter distributes loot.

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When the Need Before Greed or Group Loot systems are used, the game automatically rolls on behalf of players. Players Roll 1 100 roll a random using the following slash command :. Note that the system message displays the lower and upper bounds of your roll. When all rolls are in, the game will display the generated s in the chat window and automatically distribute the loot to the winner.

Wowpedia Explore. Main All s. World of Warcraft. Classic Vanilla The Frozen Throne Reforged. Explore Wikis Community Central.

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Register Don't have an ? View source. History Talk 3. For the monk ability, see [ Roll ]. For the Pet Battle ability, see [ Roll ].

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If Y is not specified, it rolls a random between 1 and X. If no is specified, it rolls a between 1 and Example scenario Varian : "Hey, I see a chest! Etiquette Game terms. Universal Conquest Wiki.

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