Sbf black woman

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FeaturesSoutheastUncategorized 0. With the current COVID pandemic creating new and interesting virtual meeting places, university campuses have been marked by responsiveness and ingenuity. Today, with networking and infrastructure now expanded and hardened, the rich and resounding resources of sizable bandwidth and up-to-date equipment have made many college theatre departments enviable.

The two take on the challenge of what it means to be Black professionals in an unforgiving world and how unlikely it is that they will ever find love, much less find a mate and get married. The statistics abound early on. According to the U. Citing another factoid that might make Neil deGrasse Tyson shake his head, the more education a single Black female gains, the less likely are her chances at matrimony.

One cannot confuse this with a certain female vehicle that endured on cable. Sbf black woman we perceive, perhaps, hidden razors in their Manolo Blahniks? SBF-1 is someone who might be termed as pansexual and is keeping her options open, having had a lates fling with being a lesbian, but who Sbf black woman as a binary cisgender these days.

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These are two thirty-something liberal, professional women with conservative values who find their friendship tested during these flings with their various relationships. Former roommates after college, they keep coming back to console each other and to buy new clothes whenever they are feeling a bit depressed. They are sisters on both a spiritual and contemplative level.

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Its two acts have lots of laughs and its many scenes operate on as many different layers as an onion. For instance, SPF-2 is on a mission to go where few Black women have gone before.

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She is totally into mani-pedis and facials. The two admit that churches are a good place to meet potential mates, but who has that much time for church? Perhaps picking up a trick she learned in church, SBF-2 cues us in as to how to intentionally repel Sbf black woman man who is making unwanted advances. Can I get me some of that? Do you know your Maker is Jehovah in your life? But they do not limit themselves to being critical of men.

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One of the better scenes involves the two bonding with each other over using the internet for finding a mate for SPF E-Harmony is ruled out due to its excessively long survey questions. SPF-1 helps move the process along. Another scene is the dehumanizing experience SPF-2 has at the hands of the gynecologist with Miles pretending to be the clueless male doctor. The second act reveals more personal aspects for each character and Sbf black woman they find themselves single at present.

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In the end the two agree they have done what society expected of them. They earned professional degrees, invested in Ks and IRAs and bring all of their self-assuredness and confidence to the table only to find that the black males have run off with white women.

Both Miles and Sbf black woman are terrific in their interpretations of the characters and use their acting skills to great effect so as to make one forget they are not in the same room. There is a genuine connection to each other that transcends the printed words on the. Even Oprah would be proud of this show and, after all, despite all of her millions, she and Stefan have yet to tie the knot. So, like the titular characters in this play, Oprah, too, is a Single Black Female.

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Single Black Female by Lisa B. Shows at p. The last shows are at p. FeaturesSoutheast. FeaturesMidwestRegional Theatre. FeaturesRegional TheatreSoutheast. October 2,

Sbf black woman

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Single Black Female