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About Searching in WebCenter Portal. Searching Using Facet Support. Searching Without Using Facet Support. Limitations with Search. The tasks described in this chapter are available to any WebCenter Portal user with access to a that contains search. WebCenter Portal provides global application-wide search. By default, the search field is at the top-right of the application. Information is searched by name and content. A search looks for your search terms in every searchable object enabled in the application, returning only the you are authorized to view. For example, if you are not a member of the Finance portal, then any search from that portal do not display.

In addition to WebCenter Portal's search, the Documents tool provides its own search engine for file searches. This saves time and increases the relevancy of by narrowing the scope of a search to files. The Documents tool searches within a specific portal's document library. For more information, see Searching Libraries, Folders, and Documents.

System administrators and Portal Managers can customize the search user interface, so your screen shots may look different. They can configure the scope of searches to specific portals, tools or services, and document types; they can add or hide attributes provided with search ; and they Single saved searching change the size of the search box. Global search does not Single saved searching portal assets, such as portal templates, templates, and resource catalogs.

If you need to search portal assets as opposed to user-specific data, such as documents and portalsuse the Filter field on their respective application s. For example, when you run a search for a user name, most likely, you are looking for that persons's contact information that is, the exact user name in your organizationnot necessarily documents that the user wrote. The unified ranking in Oracle SES enables you to see the most relevant. This section describes your search experience if your application or portal has been configured to use Faceted Search.

Your search environment varies depending on how your system administrator or portal manager configured search. If your application or portal is configured to use unfaceted search, see Searching Without Using Facet Support. Your system administrator can tell you which Single saved searching environment you have running. The way you access search depends on how the portal is deed. The application specialist might also provide you with a pretty URL to access the .

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Running Faceted Searches to Narrow. Running Filtered Searches to Narrow. Running Sorted Searches to Narrow. Figure Search Field. Figure Search Icon. display in the search. Figure is a result list showing all Everything. Figure Search. Thumbnails for documents appear in place of icons when thumbnail creation is enabled in WebCenter Content and when single -on is configured on both WebCenter Portal and WebCenter Content. You can use facets to navigate indexed data without running a new search.

Some search terms can provide massivebut faceted within search lets you clarify exactly what you are Single saved searching for, or even discover something new. For example, Figure shows a search filtered to show only from the Avi portal created by the weblogic user. You can add more facets, for example clicking This Year under the Last Modified Date facet, to continue narrowing this search. Figure Faceted Result List.

The following facets are included by default, although your system administrator may configure different facets:. Click the Remove Filter icon highlighted in Figure to remove each facet and return to a complete result list. You can narrow your using the filter list in the global search box Figure Figure Filtered Search. Or, you can filter the same way using the facets on the left side of search.

For example, Figure shows only announcements in the result list. You can narrow your using the Sort by drop-down list to the right of Single saved searching Figure Sorting in Search. By default, searches are sorted with the most relevant first, with the following sorting options available:.

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This section describes your search experience if your application or portal manager has been configured without facet support. If your organization customized the search user interface, the search s might look different than what is shown. Using Refiners to Narrow Search. Saving Searches. Setting Individual Preferences for Search .

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For example, Figure shows the search field at the top right of the application. display in the search Figure Figure Global Search. When Oracle SES Specifically, each user can control which tools and services are included in their search and the order in which they are listed in the .

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You can narrow your in the Refine Search section to produce a smaller set of. For example, to see all documents that one particular person posted, rather than scrolling through s of to find them, you can simply click that person's name or profile picture, and the Single saved searching filtered to show only from that person. With the Oracle SES Some WebCenter Portal components, like tagged items and favorites, do not supply refiners for search, and do not Single saved searching in refined searches.

For example, click Since Yesterday to view posted since the day, or click Past 7 Days to view posted in the past week. The next to each time range indicates the search's best guess at how many search fall within the specified range. Some date selections, such as years or months, provide additional refinement options when you choose them. For example, when you refine a search by all occurring withinyour refined display and additional refinements appear in the Last Modified box.

Click Custom Date Range and enter a date in the field provided optionally, with an end date alsoor click the Select Date icon and choose a date from a date picker Figure For example, click pat to view all contributed by the user Pat. The next to each user name indicates the search's best guess at how many search are associated with the specified user. Click More Click the Delete icon to remove that particular search refinement and broaden the list of displayed.

After you have Single saved searching a search, you can save it so that you can run it again later without having to reenter the search terms. You can also share the saved search with portals. You can save searches only if your portal is configured to use search without facet support.

Saving a Search. Running a Saved Search.

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Sharing a Saved Search. Customizing a Saved Search. Deleting a Saved Search. Saved searches are useful for the searches you run frequently. They assist in keeping you current as new information is added to the search pool. Figure Save and Manage Buttons. The Create Saved Search dialog opens Figure The value you enter in the Name field is the value that appears on the dropdown list of saved searches. The search that was in the Search field is saved, no matter what name you give it.

For example, if the search term Single saved searching adminbut you enter jcr in the Name field. The saved search searches for the term admin and not jcr. You can save searches for a quick and easy way to do repeat searches. The saved searches to which Single saved searching have access depends on the location.

Go to the Home portal see How do I access the Home portal? After you have saved searches, there is a dropdown list for Saved Searches in the Home portal. Go to any containing the All Saved Searches component Figure In a portal, All Saved Searches lists all your saved searches for the portal and all shared saved searches for the portal made both by yourself and other users.

It does not list your global saved searches or saved searches made against other portals. Figure All Saved Searches. Locate the containing the saved search. In this case, the search are immediately visible. The description is rendered as a tooltip when you move your cursor over the name of the saved search.

Single saved searching

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