Therapie jeux compulsif

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Me connecter. Historique de recherche. Nouvelle recherche. La passion du jeu. Plus d'information Personality and risk-taking : common biosocial factors. The first part of this article describes a study of the relationships between personality and risk-taking in six areas: smoking, drinking, drugs, sex, driving, and gambling.

The participants, college students, were given self-report measures[ Risk factors in adolescence : the case of gambling, videogame playing and the internet.

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It has been noted that adolescents may be more susceptible to pathological gambling. Not only is it usually illegal, but it appears to be related to high levels of problem gambling and other delinquent activities such as illicit drug taking and [ New York : Routledge Scratchcard gambling among adolescent males.

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Sex differences in the treatment needs and outcomes of problem gamblers. studies have found ificant differences between men and women who have sought help for problems associated with their gambling. Although this raises the possibility of differing treatment needs, much of the research into treating pro[ The Therapie jeux compulsif symposium report : the first international symposium on the economic and social impact of gambling. Wynne HJ ; Anielski M L'usage des drogues et la toxicomanie. All negative moods are not equal : motivational influences of anxiety and sadness on decision making.

Affective states of the same valence may have distinct, yet predictable, influences on decision processes.

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from three experiments show that, in gambling decisions, as well as in job- selection decisions, sad individuals are biased in fav[ Chasing in gambling behavior : personality and cognitive determinants. Cognitive psychopathology of problem gambling. Drawing on the available research literature on the cognitive distortions Therapie jeux compulsif during gambling, a typology of gambling-relevant cognitive distortions is presented.

These include the magnification of gambling skills, minimization of other gamb[ Complusive internet gambling : a new form of Therapie jeux compulsif old clinical pathology. KING S. Online casinos have sprung up practically overnight into a multi-million dollar business, attracting a large of gamblers worldwide. This article focuses on unique and psychologically ificant factors that are involved in Internet gambl[ Counselling in the treatment of pathological gambling : an overview. Gambling is an activity that will become increasingly known to the counselling profession as the problematic effects of gambling deregulation in the United Kingdom slowly take effect over the nextfive to ten years.

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The gambling literature and th[ Paris [France] : Fayard

Therapie jeux compulsif

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