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Social messaging apps have become more and more popular throughout the years. There are billions of people communicating through social messaging apps every day. As a business, having this information means your brand has an opportunity to connect with their customers more personally.

There are tons of mobile apps that you can use to communicate with your friends or colleagues today. Most of those apps are free to use and allow you to send text, voice, images and video. They also allow their users to make live calls by voice or video. Just by using the Internet, you can pretty much communicate with anyone anywhere in the world. Understanding this is a crucial step towards growing your business. Social messaging apps can help companies connect with prospects at a quite rapid pace.

As a company, you can send personalized messages to future customers to spark conversations. Your clients might want to send you a quick text or even a voice Top social messaging apps because they are busy.

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Social messaging is an efficient way to communicate that is gaining in popularity. Sometimes, your prospect might have a simple question that can be answered in 5 seconds. With social messaging, you can talk to past clients, current clients and prospects in a very time-efficient way. In a world where time is so valued, using social messaging seems like a necessity.

If you want to grow your brand, take a look at our list. Social messaging is a great place for brands to connect with their customers or prospects.

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Messenger was first fully integrated with Facebook but later become an app on its own. You can still access your messages by visiting Facebook but you can also just have a Messenger. The split happened because of the popularity of the platform itself.

To get started on Messenger, all you have to do is download the app on your iPhone or Android. You can send your messages in a bunch of formats including text, image, video, GIF, stickers or even Top social messaging apps. As you can see in the messages above, you also have the option of directly responding to messages individually to not get lost. Finally, brands can also set up chatbots with their Messenger.

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Using chatbots can really help save time for your brand as it can replace parts of your customer service. It can also allow your users to get quicker information if they feel the need to. You can also use chatbots to send triggered events such as order confirmation, receipts or tracking information to your customers. As long as you have a Facebook business then you should directly have access to the Messenger feature. You can even link your Facebook to the Facebook creator studio.

As a social messaging app, Messenger does amazing for brands. Although Snapchat has lost a bit in popularity in the last few years, a lot of people still use the platform daily. Snapchat works a bit differently from other platforms. You can Top social messaging apps them directly to people or post them inside stories that stay for 24 hours. The fact that content disappears after sending it is what makes the platform so special. It makes people excited about opening what they received while also being focused to not miss out. If you screenshot a picture, the other user knows so few people do it.

On a side note, before getting started on Snapchat, I would recommend brands to make sure they have a strong market positioning. Knowing what your message is before is extremely important to your success on the platform. According to Zephoriathere are million active users on Snapchat. At K6, we recommend Snapchat to brands who want to sell to a younger demographic. As a general rule of thumb, we want to target people younger than 30 years old on the platform to generate. WhatsApp is surprisingly owned by Facebook, and it has more users than Messenger. The platform has over 1.

You can download the app on any of your mobile devices to send texts and make calls from your iPhone, Android, iPad and so on. The biggest difference from Messenger is that your Whatsapp is linked with your phone. You can send as many texts as you want and have unlimited minutes to call! Another interesting thing about Whatsapp is that you can use it for group messages of up to users. This is great for brands who might want to put their top customers inside a list to give them VIP offers and such.

You can also send media or audio files up to MB. This is quite huge if you are not familiar with ing sizes. Finally, rest assured, because the app has an end to end encryption feature which is quite awesome for keeping your messages in good hands. If your business wants to connect with their customers on a more personal level, Whatsapp could be a great platform for brands to use. You can connect with your audience while sending them valuable information!

Viber is a great social messaging app for businesses because it has over million Top social messaging apps. Like all other platforms, you can send messages and make voice calls when connected to the Internet. You can use it on your phone, tablet and even computer.

In terms of great features, Viber allows you to share pictures, stickers as well as GIFs. Top social messaging apps can also send short video clips to your friends or customers.

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All in all, Viber is a Top social messaging apps complex social messaging app for companies that offer a lot of interesting features. It definitely has more options than other platforms until they catch up. Skype is an awesome option for brands to communicate together. You can use it personally or professionally. You can make calls, Top social messaging apps messages, host group video chats and so on.

You can also transfer large files to your colleagues or clients. Telegram is a great social messaging app because it boasts an impressive million users. You can also use the app on your computer as well as phone and tablet. Another interesting feature is the fact that the app runs on the cloud. What can you do on the app? Make audio calls and send messages. Apart from that, you can send stickers.

Finally, you can pick a theme to make your messages more personal or professional. With a younger generation than other social messaging platform, KiK is a pretty good app for brands. You can send GIFs, stickers, emojis, text, images and videos to other people. If your brand sells to a younger crowd, being active on the platform might be worth it. You can allow your customers to send you messages for customer service purposes or even if they have questions in the sales process.

This can help your customers buy again from you and gain new customers. When it comes to the social messaging app, WeChat is an awesome app working on most mobile devices. They boast a huge 1 billion usersmostly from Asian countries. You can use this free app to connect with business connections or new customers. Apart from that, you can make calls as well as call landlines and normal mobile phone s from the app.

You can see it as a second phone. Add it to your website to let people contact you directly there. Line has all the basic social messaging app options and 84 million active users. Those calls can be video, voice or even with multiple people.

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All in all, you can connect with your audience one-on-one. The little extra is that you can send or receive money, make new connections and even play a few games. If you like the app, you can make it much more engaging than the other apps. Apart from Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebookyou can also send direct messages to your customers directly on these platforms. At K6, we think those platforms are often the most important when it comes to customer communication.

In fact, Facebook has a quality score based on how people rate your customer service on their platform. If your score is too low, then your Facebook will likely suffer. Using social messaging apps is very powerful for brands of today. The ability to build relationships with your customers as a brand has tremendous value in the short and Top social messaging apps term.

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Top social messaging apps

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The Top 7 Messenger Apps in the World