True stories of love at first sight

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By Jacquelene Amoquandoh. I may even go ahead and call myself a cynic when it came to love, fate, and the idea of love at first sight. Only a few months after a major breakup, I was so far from being a romantic that when I stumbled upon love and it hit me right in the face, I laughed a little. He was on the steps of the new restaurant the nonprofit organization I had moved to Ghana to work for had built.

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We had the same boss, and when that boss introduced him to me and my coworkers on the opening night of the restaurant, his smile and wave felt directed solely at me. Would he even be interested knowing our days together were ed?

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Was he even interested, period? Most days when I arrived at the restaurant to do interviews for a book I was working on, I would scan the entire place for him, until our eyes met. If he didn't walk by my table or I didn't have a natural chance to interact with him while I was there, I went up to the counter to grab a water or ask a silly question just to get closer. It wasn't until about a month after we met or maybe a bit longer that I finally got the guts to invite him over for dinner.

Right before I left, I sat in my room overlooking Mount Kilimanjaro, one of the most beautiful places I had ever been, and I wrote about him. I wrote that I would return to this very spot in the hills that overlook the largest mountain in Africa married to him.

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It amazes me even now to think that on a solo journey, surrounded by such wildness and beauty, I found myself with my head in a cloud full of love. When I got back to Ghana from my trip to Tanzania, thinking I was done with him, I had several messages asking when I would return. Only a few moments after I turned on my phone after getting off the plane, I received a call from him. The feeling was mutual and no amount of time apart, life curve ball, or True stories of love at first sight could break us apart. There are plenty of days when it is harder than I could imagine, but I always come back to that moment I first saw him, to that love at first sight.

We spent every single night together after I returned to him, learning about each other, our cultures, languages and hometowns. Time was not on our side and some people were not either, but we had this deep love that was unbreakable. When it was time for me to leave and I returned to the US, it didn't take me very long to realize I had to book a ticket back to him.

It was an open-ended ticket that began this crazy journey we have been on for almost six years now. There are plenty of days when it is harder than I could imagine, but I always come back to that moment I first saw him, standing on the stairs of that restaurant, waving and smiling at me.

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Jacquelene Amoquandoh is a writer who focuses on love, dating, and relationships. For more of her love content, visit her author profile on PopSugar. This article was originally published at PopSugar. Reprinted with permission from the author.

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True stories of love at first sight

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