Unthinkable erotic Marianna

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We use cookies to distinguish you from other users and to provide you with a better experience on our websites. Close this message to accept cookies or find out how to manage your cookie settings. Published online by Cambridge University Press: 27 February I will focus on some strands of male and female same-sex desires Unthinkable erotic Marianna their expression in England in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries: male and female same-sex friendships, effeminacy in men and masculinity in women; and representations of lesbianism.

This review discusses these histories of desires that resist present-day sexual assumptions. Foucault, The history of sexualityi : An introductiontrans. Hurley New York, NY, For a useful survey, see CocksH. D'Emilio, Sexual politics, sexual communities: the making of Unthinkable erotic Marianna homosexual minority in the United States, — Chicago, IL, first published in ; J.

D'Emilio and E. For the latter, see CocksH. Jennings, A lesbian history of Britain: love and sex between women since Oxford, Jennings, Tomboys and bachelor girls: a lesbian history of post-war Britain, — Manchester, As soon as it was published, Love's article became part of this archaeology. See also L. Doan and J. Prosser, eds. For the sheer range of lesbian history, compare V.

Traub, The Renaissance of lesbianism in early modern England Cambridge,and Jennings, Tomboys and bachelor girls. Sexology is dealt with in ch. Cook et al.

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Bennett and A. Froide, eds. Halperin, How to do the history of homosexuality Chicago, IL,ch. Phillips and B. Reay, eds. Haggerty and M. McGarry, eds. Reprinted in J. Goldberg, ed. Masten, Textual intercourse: collaboration, Unthinkable erotic Marianna, and sexualities in Renaissance drama Cambridge,p. DiGangi, The homoerotics of early modern drama Cambridge,p. O'Donnell and M. O'Rourke, Unthinkable erotic Marianna. McCall and D. Yacovone, eds.

One such picture, of two working-class men, seated but holding hands, forms the cover image on Jonathan Ned Katz's Love stories: sex between men before homosexuality Chicago, IL, The temptation for historians, not entirely resisted by Katz, is to read too much into these friendships.

Seymour, A ring of conspirators: Henry James and his literary circle, — London,p. Gunter and S. Jobe, eds. Grosskurth Chicago, IL,pp. For Symonds, a central figure in the history of nineteenth-century homosexuality, see J. Pemble, ed. Mason, Oscar Wilde: art and morality London,p.

Raby, ed.

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Croft-Cooke, Feasting with panthers: a new consideration of some late Victorian writers London,pp. Robb, Strangers: homosexual love in the nineteenth century London,p. Matthew and B. Harrison Oxford, Parker, M. Russo, D. Sommer, and P. Yaeger, eds. A reprint of the original edition of Mayne's real name was Edward Irenaeus Prime Stevenson.

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Holland and R. Hart-Davis, eds. See also pp. Calloway, Aubrey Beardsley London,p. Felix, Keynes: a critical life Westport, CT,pp. Holroyd, ed. Taddeo, Lytton Strachey and the search for modern Unthinkable erotic Marianna identity: the last eminent Victorian Binghampton, NY,pp. Quote from p. Vicinus, Intimate friends: women who loved women, — Chicago, IL, Whitbread New York, NY,p. For Lister's sexual interactions, Unthinkable erotic Marianna A. Jagose, Inconsquence: lesbian representation and the logic of sexual sequence Ithaca, NY,p.

Whitbread, p. For a recentusing this expanded transcript of the first trial, see KaplanM. Bristow, ed. Cocks, Nameless offences: homosexual desire in the nineteenth century London,ch. Brady, Masculinity and male homosexuality in Britain, — Houndmills,p. Bristow, Sexuality London,pp.

Rosario, ed. See also H. Carpenter, The intermediate sex London, Brady argues that sexology had limited influence in Britain. However, he seems oblivious to interaction between the continent and England and the fact that educated English men and women could read publications in other languages.

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He also ignores the availability of sexological literature in America, where Krafft-Ebing's work was commented on as early as the s. Though he provides examples from the s and earlier, most of his evidence of British psychiatric writing about homosexuality comes from the s.

Crozier's article, however, has implications for Brady's claims: see note 91 above. Cook, London and the culture of homosexuality, — Cambridge,esp. See also Cocks, Nameless offences. Brake, Print in transition, — studies in media and book history Basingstoke,ch. Roden, Same-sex desire in Victorian religious culture Houndmills, Fussell, Unthinkable erotic Marianna Great War and modern memory Oxford,ch. Originally published in See also M. Amigoni, ed. Harris, Oscar Wilde: his life and confessions 2 vols. Ackerley, My father and myself London,p. Worsley, Flannelled fool: a slice of life Unthinkable erotic Marianna the thirties London,pp.

The earliest reference is for and there are a handful of references for the s and s but it is not until the s that the word is used with any frequency. Before Kaplan's remarkable book was published, he produced a series of tasters, the best of which is KaplanM. Garrity, eds. This argument is expanded in Oram's impressive new book: A. Oram, Her husband was a woman!

Women's gender-crossing in modern British popular culture Oxford, Apart from frequent references in the Shipping Intelligence to a steamer called The Lesbianthe earliest reference is for in connection to the Pemberton-Billing case. As with use of the term homosexual, it is not until the s that the word lesbian is used with any frequency. View all Google Scholar citations for this article. Alert. Log in.

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Unthinkable erotic Marianna

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