Ur making me blush

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This old thing? Not only about my outfit actually, even professionally I brush compliments off. Even though, I know that I am a good trainer and coach. Apparently I am not the only one.

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After asking a few people in my professional and personal network, and it appears that others also find it difficult. Which is a shame. You do not only fail yourself by trivializing a compliment or brushing it off, but also the one who gives the compliment.

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How come there are so many people that find it difficult to receive a compliment? I think there are a of reasons behind this. We often learn to be modest. Because of insecurities or distrust we think that there is something more behind a compliment. That flattery is used to get something from us. They did it to manipulate me. Who gives the compliment, also influences our reaction. Especially the part where you talked about the importance of personal leadership.

We often find it easier to accept a compliment from a close friend, colleague or loved one.

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The compliments, however, are often casual and there is the safety of having a screen between you. By brushing off compliments, you bring yourself down. But have you considered that it also negatively influences the person giving you a compliment? By trivializing it you give the impression that their opinions is incorrect as you disagree with it and you can make them feel bad. Rule 1! You are happy and the person giving the compliment is happy.

Think: it is not that bad if there is a small silence.

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Enjoy the compliment that you just received and then continue the conversation. When someone gives us a compliment, we are inclined to give them the same compliment back. Do not do it! It feels forced and sometimes even fake, which also lowers the worth of the compliment you just received. You often also end up in throwing compliments back and forth. Practice makes perfect and you will see that if you train yourself to accept a compliment, this will have a positive effect on what it does to you.

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The first few times may feel awkward, but after a while it will make you feel good and will give you more self-confidence. By really taking the time to receive the compliment and reflecting on how it makes you feel, the effect will only become greater. Finally… compliment yourself more often. There are things that you are good at.

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You are allowed to say them out loud. Did you know that self-awareness is the first step to personal leadership? If you want to know more about personal leadership, take a look at our special coaching package for personal leadership! Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Receiving compliments — this is how it can be done!

You did great, Suzanne Finally… compliment yourself more often. Leave a Reply Want to the discussion? Feel free to contribute! Follow us on Facebook.

Ur making me blush

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