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So you love coffee, and you love girls even more. Little Saigon is well known for its Vietnamese cafeswhich feature beautiful girls serving you coffee and other drinks. In Vietnam coffee shops can be found on practically every street, but the whole bikini idea is actually a product of Vietnamese Americans, as you will not find bikini cafes in Vietnam. What can we say The cafes may have gotten their inspirations from places such Hooters or sports bar which Vietnamese coffee shop westminster on beautiful girls and their sexy bodies and outfits to attract customers.

Many will try their hand at courting a coffee shop girl knowing full well of the repercussions of dating a girl in this business. It is not a difficult feat, but your head needs to be in the right place. That is the reason why most came in the first place. Over the years there has been a trend towards naughty cafes. And I do mean naughtayyy. Santa won't be delivering presents any time soon. The cities forbid them with threats of fines and closures, Vietnamese coffee shop westminster somehow some manage to survive.

I guess where there's a will there a way and naughty girls need love too. Now not everyone goes to the Vietnamese cafes for the eye candy. Many will go just to hang out with their friends, have some drinks or to watch sports, anything to pass Vietnamese coffee shop westminster time in the boring suburban life. Some will play cards or chess while others may be gambling…they sell lottery tickets and have games such as Hot Spot at most of the cafes.

Some people bring their laptops to do work or…whatever it is they do with it. When you first walk in you may feel intimidated as the customers are primarily male from the entry age of 18 to seniors. There are old and young guys, business men, thug looking guys, guys from all walks of life and races although predominantly Vietnamese.

You may feel like all the guys are staring at you as you look for an open table. As sit down, one of the girls will approach you and ask you what you want to drink. As you regain your senses, you will realize that she asked you what you want to drink. Now that you are settled into your seat and have made your order, you can gaze around the room and check out all the waitresses. A variety of tunes will be in the mix including Vietnamese, hip hop, pop and electronic music.

As you wait for your drink to be made by the waitress Vietnamese coffee shop westminster ordered from, another girl will come by and bring a glass of iced tea. They also have hot tea if you prefer. Try it out. Just take a few drinks of your tea and sure enough a girl will come by to fill you up.

When your order finally comes out, if you ordered the iced coffee you will see that it comes out in a small little glass half full with ice. You have to stir the coffe to mix the condensed milk at the bottom. Take a drink of tea to help wash the coffee down.

Now that you have your order you can just relax and look at the girls or watch TV. If you have a friend you can also talk to each or just sit there and play with your phone. There are usually about four girls or more working. Unless you like one particular girl, a good time to go may be right before 3 pm which is usually the time when the girls change shift. This gives you a shot at all the girls working there for the day.

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Most coffee shops are open from around 7am or 8 am in the morning until 10 or 11pm at night. In general, just be yourself when talking to the girls and always treat them with respect. Tip according to service and bill. A couple dollars per drink should be fine. Just leave your tip on the table. Now you can make your way out.

A good starting point for this may be on Euclid street where a few coffee shops are in very close proximity to each other. By this time you should be pretty wired from all the coffee and it may be time to call it a day. Browse Vietnamese Coffee Shops. Have things to sell or rooms to rent Vietnamese coffee shop westminster the Little Saigon area?

Place your for free in our classifieds section!

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Newly renovated! Coffee Lover So you love coffee, and you love girls even more. Settling In Now that you are settled into your seat and have made your order, you can gaze around the room and check out all the waitresses. Trending Now It's getting hot in here!

Vietnamese coffee shop westminster

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