When did carlos pena jr and alexa vega start dating

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Alexa and Carlos PenaVega were born Alexa Vega and Carlos Pena, and the actors succeeded in show business before their paths ever crossed. Alexa's earliest credits include a recurring role on the comedy series "Evening Shade" and a guest spot on "ER. Both actors are now in their 30s, but while Carlos was getting started in the s, Alexa had already landed. She reprised her "Spy Kids" role in three sequels and starred in the tween girl classic "Sleepover. The PenaVegas' careers in the entertainment industry have transformed as a result of their Christian lifestyle and family focus.

Carlos and Alexa are busy parents who strive to maintain their standards. There's much more to their personal and professional story, including how they met, where they're living these days, and what movies they've been making. It doesn't take a spy kid to see what the PenaVegas are up to. If Alexa and Carlos PenaVega didn't work together as kid actors, how did they find each other?

The actors' connection was something of an enigma for a while, with Bustle suggesting in that their meeting was "shrouded in mystery. As they've shared in a of interviews, they connected at a Los Angeles Bible study and were engaged by September Carlos had some unusual things to say about his first conversations with Alexa: "I had known of Alexa, but she was just 'that chick from 'Spy Kids.

I became so nervous I actually started quoting 'Spy Kids,' which did not work because she told our mutual friend I was so weird. On an equally awkward note, Carlos' ex-girlfriend had invited him to the Bible study session. He thought, "Well, maybe if I show up to this thing, we could rekindle our relationship.

Carlos and Alexa PenaVega had both been through other relationships by the time they found one another. Alexa was married to producer Sean Covel from to Less than two years after they tied When did carlos pena jr and alexa vega start dating knot, TMZ reported Alexa filed for divorce due to irreconcilable differences. The actor and her ex are over 12 years apart in age. After becoming engaged to Carlos, Alexa reflected on her past with Sean Covel.

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Never compromise yourself. The five-bedroom, four-bathroom villa was a swanky bachelor pad, but its owner would soon look for love. PenaVega's schedule with Big Time Rush filled his life, but he appeared to enjoy making time for his fans.

The star answered questions in a YouTube video in Januaryand someone asked how much time Carlos spent with his bandmates. He answered, "I spend every waking minute with the boys. I see them a lot. Interestingly enough, the video still exists on the PenaVegas' YouTube channel.

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In it, Carlos addresses another popular fan question: "People keep asking me if I'm dating this girl right here, Samantha Droke. Yes, I am dating Samantha Droke. InJust Jared Jr. Later that year, PenaVega opened up about his and Droke's split to HuffPostsaying, "There was someone special in my life, but I just recently broke up with my girlfriend so now there's not. The only special person in my life now is my dog, Sydney. Carlos told the outlet he popped the question to Alexa PenaVega "at a big dinner. The boys and I went on a cruise and we had a big dinner the very first night. Logan helped me out, James gave me some courage, and Kendall brought the tears.

It was her "second home. Carlos pulled out all the stops for his and Alexa's engagement, even helping to create her ring. Alexa posted a photo of the sparkler on Instagram in and wrote, "I still can't believe you built this thing from scratch! You deed something so beautiful baby! When it came time to make things official, Alexa Vega and Carlos Pena got creative and legally combined their surnames into one last name. Alexa introduced their portmanteau name on Twitter in simply with "Mrs. Carlos and Alexa PenaVega. Just one word. In an interview with The War CryAlexa added another tidbit: "We love our families, but we both come from kooky families.

When did carlos pena jr and alexa vega start dating us, we just wanted a fresh start. We are going to start over. We're leaping into our faith, we're leaping into this family. And that's where PenaVega came from.

Alexa and Carlos PenaVega began their first chapter as a married couple in January The couple told Us Weekly"We are so blessed to have been able to spend this special day with the people we love the most. We look forward to sharing a happy and healthy life together.

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That's a load of bridesmaids and groomsmen to keep track of — but hey, the more the merrier. Alexa PenaVega reflected on the special day in for her and Carlos' sixth wedding anniversary, writing on Instagram"Never did I think that goofball guy from Bible study would completely sweep me off my feet and be everything God knew I needed! Taking a trip down memory lane is giving me all the feels! So many epic adventures together and so many more to come! Being married to someone you are completely head over heels for makes every single moment together feel special YES, even those moments can be special too.

Love you so much my angel! Inthe PenaVegas were the first married couple to compete against each other for the mirror ball trophy. The PenaVegas documented their experiences in a "Dancing" blog for People.

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She also shared that she and Carlos "immediately said yes" when offered the gig. The PenaVegas realized how competitive Carlos really was, but he remembered why it was important to participate in the first place. We can't even watch the news without getting depressed, and this show is something that makes people happy. The "Dancing" happiness wasn't without its challenges for Carlos PenaVega, though. In the aforementioned People blog, he admitted that he wasn't totally stoked about "the fact that Lex was going to potentially have another guy groping her on the dance floor for the next three months.

Alexa and Carlos PenaVega began to reevaluate their responsibilities in the entertainment industry once they started expanding their family. The actors now love working together and taking their kids with them. Alexa's character is the event planner for a culinary cruise, but she's "dealing with the rookie cruise director," played by Carlos, per IMDb. The sweet premise presented a special atmosphere for the PenaVegas.

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TV Insider got the scoop on the location and why it made a splash for its le. Alexa shared that she and Carlos had "been cruising for a long time and we really love Royal Caribbean. William R. However, the PenaVegas have worked together numerous other times, and they want to keep it that way. Alexa told Southern Living"This industry was not built for families. If anything, it's the opposite. You leave for six months, usually the family stays behind.

And it's really hard. I don't know how you raise kids that way. I don't know how you keep a marriage strong that way. Knowing "they want to work together on every project," Carlos and Alexa have leaned into the generous opportunities Hallmark has given them. They've worked together both on mystery films and romantic comedies with the goal that their "family is never separated.

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And if there isn't, they fly the whole family out and we're together anyway.

When did carlos pena jr and alexa vega start dating

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