When to ask a guy to be exclusive

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How do you tell a guy you want to be exclusive? Here are a few tips to make you feel less vulnerable and more in control of the situation. Talking about commitment is uncomfortable and most of us would prefer to avoid it altogether. Do it in person. Being in person also allows you to read his body languagewhich sometimes says more than the words coming out of his mouth. It also allows you to bring it up at a time that feels right for both of you instead of just springing it on him when he may be busy elsewhere and completely unprepared for such an important discussion.

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Lay the groundwork. It will save you lots of time. Be direct about it. Tell him exactly what you want without downplaying it or trying to make it more palatable. Exclusivity is a pretty scary concept for some people. He may not have been in a serious relationship for a while and gotten comfortable with complete freedom. But he owes you a straight answer. It should feel relaxed. If you approach it too formally, you may freak him out and end up pushing him away, even if he was interested in being exclusive before.

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Avoid making it sound like a favor. Before you have the exclusivity talk with him, make sure you fully understand the situation. Exclusivity is not confinement. Read the s.

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Accept that he may need time to respond. Some people find the whole idea of a verbal agreement to exclusivity intimidating. Understand that he may not have been in this position before, and give him some time to adapt to the situation before expecting an answer. Relationships are all about compromise, but exclusivity is not. If he tries to negotiate with you, shut him down and get him out of your life as quickly as humanly possible.

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When to ask a guy to be exclusive

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How and When to Have the Exclusivity Talk